Heh I should be in bed fast asleep.

Instead I am on ASorgia/Nyarnia/thingy with Darth_Lank who is sharing dodgy photos of select parts of his body with me.

Said body parts being his hands, of course. We both agree that fingers can be sexy.

Though, I have horrid farmer’s hands and although Darth tells me that once a girl told him his hands are pretty, he thinks that he has a mutant cross between farmer’s and pianist’s hands.

However, more to the point, I am currently viewing the visual evidence, exhibits a and b.

Now awaiting further installments as Lanky has run out of battery power and is apparently charging to the shops to restock as I type – yay!

I love the internet and I love my silly (that’s good silly) friends.

[Still miffed about next weekend though.]

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