Arrgh, it’s what, 48 minutes into my working day and pooter has already totally crashed and blue screen of deathed twice, pooter hates me. Need to do work but I spend half my time pushing a pixel in PhotoShop then waiting for the screen to redraw. I never get anything done, I’m going to get into trouble soon, really badly want to kick pooter.

Urgh, and I was late for work this morning (only just, but still…) It’s daft I’m waking up ages before my alarm clock and then just lying there for an hour unable to move, before crawling out of bed with 10 mins to go before I have to leave the house. Traffic in Didsbury didn’t really help much either though, grrrr.

Bleargh, am onto my first Drifter* and (really) bad drinks machine cappucino of the day. Have discovered that you can’t have one without the other, apart from the fact that the nice man holding a gun to my head says so, the Drifter makes the (really) bad cappucino vaguely palatable and now Drifters no longer taste quite the same without the company of the (really) bad cappucino. Damn, I am going to be so lardy soon I’ll never be able to leave this office. *shudder* Good job it’s Taekwon-Do tonight.

*[actually, in honour of Vile, I contemplated going for a Star Bar today instead. Then I read the ingredients and realised that would probably be a very bad idea. Besides, if I ate the Star Bar, where would he hang out?]

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