OK. So what did I do today? Not a lot really.
Stayed in bed til 1, finished reading Holy Fire.
Recycled bottles. I love the sound of smashing glass.
Ventured out food shopping, probably a bad idea as I mainly went crazy and bought junk comfort food. Still as I am now munching American style cookies, chocolate and rich American style ice-cream I don’t care.
Clocked in with Vile, will hopefully speak to him again later.
Went to TKD. I am SO going to hurt tomorrow. I hate stretches, and that’s pretty much all we did. Collarbone feels a bit crunchy, eeps. Hope I didn’t overdo it.
Hopefully arranged to meet Sally for a drink tomorrow.
Stayed offline for a while in the hope that Vile would call, then the crappy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger got too much for me and I just had to connect, which is where I still am now.
Feel much better, gone through the alone barrier. ‘Cause Matt’ll be back tomorrow and then the cycle will start again.

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