feeling somewhat better, won pool at lunchtime 4-1

*whoo hoo, go me!*

so a crack at getting up to date on Mr LJ:

Yay Nicky was at home when I got in from work. Matt and I took her to The Woodstock and introduced her to the joys of wheatbeer. Had a great evening.

Got up and nipped out to the Post Office to post Pengie’s first cd installment, managed to time it rather well, the postman arrived just as I stuck the stamps on the packet.

Returned to the flat and Nicky had just about finished making herself up, that girl is soo slow! Anyhow, dragged her down to Burton Road and showed her my favourite cutie shops, spent an hour in Thunder Egg Nodule looking at frilly knickers (I want!) and cutesy things. Popped into the deli for some lunch. I think Nicky was suitably impresssed by Didsbury, so much nicer than London, and so leafy. In fact I believe she understands why I am attached to my flat now, it is gorgeous. She even appreciated the bad brown scary wallpaper hiding behind the purple wallhanging, reminded her of the farm.

Munched quesadillas back at the flat then charged into town for mad shopping spree.

I hadn’t been shopping properly in months and months so it was great. We only made it to Afflecks Palace, there was just so much to see and try on. Nicky bought a little “Night Nurse” bag (to go with her uniform apparently) and I couldn’t resist what I can only describe as a silly black Little Bo Peep skirt. Just fab. Oh, and I got a strange winged top which I’m thinking I might be able to do something with for Halloween. Hmmm.

Got thrown out of Afflecks at closing so took Nicky over to Tibb St and into Bar Centro for a little drink. She bought a couple of pints of Hoegaarden and I completely forgot that I was supposed to be driving that evening and panicked somewhat as I don’t usually drink anything if I’m driving. Cunningly I waited til Nicky went to the loo and decanted my drink into hers, muahahaha, so she got all tiddly and I didn’t! wheeeee.

Was great to be sat in a bar with my lovely friend.

Jumped on a bus home and got off at the Chinese, it took forever! I might as well have had that drink the length of time it took us to get served I would’ve been stone cold sober by the end anyway. gah.

Ambled back to the flat, Mogs came in to play and immediately snuggled up with Nicky on the sofa and they both dosed off.

Drove Matt to Ruairi’s and swapped him for a Rebecca for the evening. Good deal! Deliberated as to where to go, tried desperately to think of somewhere exciting that wasn’t Rockworld, but failed. Decided, “what the hell, let’s show Nicky the delights of the Manchester goth scene, joy!”

Got all dolled up, hit the club. Had a pretty good night. Strange at times though, a number of guys came over and asked where Matt was and when I explained they ran like hell! Weird. Oh and kinda got offered a room/crash space at Infest – brilliant – only a week too late! gah. Just my luck.

Danced to The Pixies, but I didn’t really bounce much that evening, shoes were a tad too scary. Stayed until well after the Underworld shut and mosied into Rockworld next door. Felt so old.

Hailed a PINK taxi and headed homeward.

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