Was going to go into town again and show Nicky the nice parts of Manchester, instead Nicky slept most of the day and I went to TKD and kicked arse.

Went for a curry in Rusholme, opted for long time fave The New Tabak which has never failed us yet. Delicious.

Got back to the flat and forced Nicky to watch all my The Storyteller videos while I also played in PhotoShop and finished off the track listing for my cds for the guys.

Again, had great plans but didn’t manage to see much of the day. At 2 met up with Andy and Sarah to get a bus to a goth BBQ courtesy of Ruairi, Rebecca and Chris. A glorious day it was, and even shitty Levenshulme managed to look pleasant.

Ruairi managed to piss off a large percentage of the goths by dictating that they had to listen to ska music, which was great. I bounced.

Got fed gorgeous veggi kebabs, THANK YOU Ruairi, we might have a fight-fight relationship but you know how to treat a Kay! 😉 Didn’t even get around to cooking the sausages I brought as the kebabs were so good, ended up leaving them for Rebecca and Ruairi to devour, I do need feedback on them though, they looked delicious.

Oh and Rebecca had finished Little Kay! Little Kay now has huge pink platforms just like me, though she’s not as bouncy, in fact she’s somewhat saggy and finds it hard to stand, had to prop her up. I think it’s probably all the vodka.

Amused myself by eavesdropping on scary conversations. Eeeps some people talk so much utter crap, and it’s not even interesting or amusing. Plotted how to steal the cute pink ribbons from a little kids hair.

Felt the gloom of approaching Monday begin to descend on my shoulders so left fairly early as I was aware I was getting twitchy.

Finished burning the final cds for Pengs, Vile, 20 and Lank. Packaged them up all ready. Matt kept being mean and shouting at me to stop and be sociable, but I really don’t see why I should have to sit and do nothing to be able to have a conversation. I still paid attention while I was flitting around being creative so what’s the problem? And, I even made an extra cd for Nicky to take home with her.

Nicky was engaged in mad text messaging with her ex-boyfriend anyway. Mayhem. She must spend so much on her phone just texting crap! Was very funny though when Matt sent him a dodgy text and the ex didn’t like it very much and sulked and stamped like a small child. Oh dear.

Also got measured up for a corset, I’m to be a guinea pig for Nicky’s mad corsetry skeelz. The fabric she has chosen is lush! Can’t wait.

Didn’t want to have to say goodnight, but work the next day made it necessary. I am so happy Nicky made it to visit eventually, only 6 years late, but *yay!*

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