Am supposed to be at FAB Cafe with Matt, Ruairi and Rebecca, but I ran away. Couldn’t breathe.

Now, sat alone in the dark, listening to my Manchester compilation. It’s nice. Just letting the music wash over me, trying not to think.

Leaning out of the window watching Mogs prowl down below, the fresh air on my face. Feeling better.

I’ve had a good day.

St353 prised me away from Vile and the computer and let me take his Mazda MX5 out for a spin. That was great fun. We put the roof down and hit the M60 and mosied down around Cheadle Royale. The weather was fantastic, cool to have the wind in my hair.

Thanks St353, not least because you trusted me to take your baby out.

Funny, the compilation tape in St353’s car stereo was the same as mine in Lara. Of course, it was the one Matt had made the pair of us. Amusing.

Persuaded St353 that every car needs a name, so he decided upon Jordan. (cos she’s topless).

Went to TKD, driving there in my own car again was so strange. I felt like I was driving a horse and cart and perched high up on a stage.

Don’t want to think about tomorrow, but I need to go sort out my clothes so I have something to wear.

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