Oh yeah nearly *forgot*, I almost ran a girl over on Saturday in town.

Not my fault I hasten to add (at least, I hope). Anyone else and I’m sure she’d have been squished road kill.

There I am tootling along by the Cornerhouse, I slide into the right hand lane, indicating my intention to turn when the lights change. Red, Red/Amber, Green, off I go.

I know this is usually a hairy turn as pedestrians aren’t really aware that traffic comes from my direction and tend to walk blindly across without looking so as I see a family approach the crossing I slow right down anyway, but it’s okay they’ve realised and are waiting at the island, they’ve seen me. Cool, off I go.

SHIT! EMERGENCY BRAKES as small child decides to not walk, not run but friggin’ CARTWHEEL across the road in front of me, godammit. (!!)

Parent grabs small child and yanks her off the road and we just sit and look at each other, and bizarrely, grin madly. Relief, embarrassment?


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