ShiT! It’s September already. I’d hardly noticed apart from yesterday’s date.

Dammit, it’s just occurred to me that I have just totally missed my parent’s wedding anniversary. When was it? Sometime last week?


And that means it must be Sy and Mel’s soon? Have I missed that too? Oh hell.


September.. which also means it’s mum’s birthday in just over a week. Eeps. Oh my god I’m slack.

September.. and that makes it now six years since I moved to Manchester and moved in with Matt. And, seven since I first went to uni in Lancaster, and jumped straight on a train over to Manchester to spend the weekend with him, despite brushing him off completely when we were in Plymouth.

Things change. The strange thing is I never thought it would.

Roll on October. Halloween will be odd. I’m sorry but I’m glad I won’t be in this country for that one.

Last night was strange, the first night I’ve got back to an empty flat and not known where Matt was. I admit I worried for a while.

Logged in and talked to Vile for a bit before he went off to get all sweaty and exercised, then jumped over to the attic where Pengie was and idled while I did other stuff. Which was good as I didn’t really feel like chatting, it’s just comforting to be in the same virtual room.

Snuggled down on the sofa with the Tiggers and fell into a comfortable sleep until 1:58 am exactly when Matt came crashing in from wherever he’d been and snapped the main light on. (carelessly, not intentionally)

Remember him trying to be all lovely and nice to me, all chatty and telling me nice things. I’m sorry.

Now I feel totally fried.

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