2 Crashes and a Coincidence

Matt went to Basingstoke for the Basingstoke Beer Festival today (ie St353, ggl, Matt and Bob sitting down, drinking lots and probably playing console games all weekend) leaving me alone in the flat.

Settled down in front of the computer and logged onto Nyar where Vile, Pengs and I cracked on with some building. I think we built everything and now have to come up with lots of descriptions for places. Hooray!

Heard a loud mewing outside and went to the window to see Mogs staring up at me. Went to the front door to let her in and found her devouring a small animal and looking mightily pleased with herself. She charged past me into the flat and was amazily feisty and friendly. Kept headbutting me and wanting to play and be tickled, so I obliged. She then decided she wanted to headbutt everything in the room and did so to the cd tower, sending it’s contents flying. She got all startled and tore around the room some more before finally deciding that nope, she wanted to go out again, leaving me to clear up her mess. What a madam.

Red broke a Nyar silence to tell me about a strange coincidence, he had been humming “Paint it Black” in his head all day and then he had just heard it on the telly. Bizarrely that was the one track I had put on the jukebox at lunchtime while playing pool and I mentioned this. And! And! Pengs retorted by saying that on the telly they were playing pool! Freaky. Added to this he also relayed that they had just said “Darth” too. Oooh! Spooky. He has to have been having me on with that one.

Then I started doing some Flash work I had to do, stayed up quite late learning things, getting a good deal done on various projects, until catastrophe! Flash crashed and managed to corrupt any of the files I had had open at the time, and me being windows greedy that means a fair few. Pants! Pants and Double Pants.

Gave up and went to bed.

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