2 days!!!

Did fairly well yesterday by all accounts. Cleared out the hallway and cleaned, polished and washed the paintwork. Sneezed lots. I now have space to stack things instead of pushing everything aimlessly around the flat. Now to tackle the rest of this place. UGH.

Met Rebecca and Ruairi in Via Fossa at 7 for some drinks and stuff. Were sat in the basement, wondering where they were as it started coming up for half past. Until Rebecca walked past on her way from the ladies. Turned out they had been sat in a part of the bar I didn’t even know existed, wondering the same about us. Doh! Joined them in the fake Swiss Cottage surrounds upstairs, supped much goodness and talked much crap. None of which I can rightly remember at this point. *bleary yawn*

Chips were ordered and arrived while I headed for the bathroom. Were there any left when I got back? NO!!!! grrrrr.

Got home and caught up with Vile, talked even more crap at him. Began to hatch a plan to hopefully catch up with Mortimer Jazz en route to or from Devon. Must give him a ring later, threaten him with some vile-ence, see if he really is up for anything and whether it’s a goer.

Need to head off to a charity shop this morning and dump a load of unwanted stuff. Would have been more but Rebecca decided to nab a bunch of items (ie: A1 drawing board with horizontal rule, my tailcoat I have finally got the resolve to part with and a Manic Street Preachers cd) so I guess I’ll be dropping that around to her this evening. Dammit, need to get petrol.

Hmmm, I really need a coke.

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