National Grain

Bill hauled himself out of bed at silly o’clock yesterday and went into work. He had to fix something on one of the projects he’s been working on and work hard to get it finished and Fed Exed out that day. Just an annoying silly problem with the screen dimensions and viewable area on a widescreen monitor that was messing up the cool After Effects animation he had produced for a client. Very frustrating and a bit of a downer after the high of getting accolades for the work. Still, should be sorted and good to go now…go Bill!

This meant that I got to stay in bed and have a good morning snooze for once, hoorah. Missed Bill and was very bored for the rest of the day though. Our PC is sat at his work so I could only pootle about on the Mac and frittered my time away pointlessly as usual.

Bill made it home to take me to cardio kick class which was fun as always, and nicely tiring. At the end of class I asked the instructor about his martial arts classes and his description of what he teaches and how they go about it sounded really attractive, much more organised and professional. He doesn’t follow a traditional martial arts programme but instead take aspects of Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwan Do, Wrestling, Boxing and other styles and works them together. In cardio kick I’d liked the way he makes certain that everyone warms up, stretches and breathes efficiently and creates a thorough work out and it’s clear he is insistant on this in martial arts too. As much as that stuff is boring it’s vital and I respect an instructor who makes sure that everyone isn’t just training, but training safely. He said he’d give me the first lesson free if I wanted to try it out. However, when I got home and did a search on the net to find out exactly where it was it turns out his “just up the road” is an American “just up the road” and not a British one. It’s bloody miles away! Almost up by Stone Mountain. So that’s not really an option then. Rats.

Watched The Apprentice with Bill, who half watched and half paced around the room. These reality TV shows get him so worked up, and this is one he actually likes and wants to watch! Wanted Omarosa to get fired, she is such an obnoxious woman. It’s certainly interesting seeing the conversations Donald Trump has regarding who to fire and what he bases his decision on. For the second week running he fired a lady who did nothing significantly wrong in the assigned task but chose to say nothing when Omarosa was rude and personally attacked her. Mr Trump said he would have fired Omarosa but had no choice but to get rid of Jesse for having no backbone and not standing up to Omarosa. That’s a tough one. I think most people are brought up to be at least outwardly polite and avoid being confrontational when you are trying to impress someone. Especially when going for an interview, it seems wrong and undesirable to have a dispute in front of someone you are trying to be professional and balanced in front of. I’d feel like you’d want to sort out these matters without an audience to avoid coming across the wrong way. However, the lesson learned from The Apprentice is that not arguing can be a weakness.

Show over we raced across to The Earl to see Ben’s band National Grain play. Not really my cup o’ tea but entertaining none the less. A whole crowd from BrightHouse turned up to support him and we had a good time. However, the most entertaining moment of the night was not provided by Ben but by Julie (?) who approached our table, full glass of white wine in hand and made to sit down. She stepped over a perfectly good seat, aimed for the empty space next to it and ended up with her bum on the floor, legs in the air, startled expression on face, and her wine showering the table. Classy! Apparently she’d thought there was a bench made of thin air.

We left the bar around 1am and back at the house Quince and I crawled straight into bed while Bill was a complete nutcase and turned the XBox on. I have no idea when he joined me under the duvet. Loon!

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