Bill has the day off

because he pulled such a long shift the other day, so we are off to Stone Mountain in a bit. No Quince allowed though, booo hisss. Dogs are forbidden from the trail according to the infernalnet.

Got home last night to find a message from the vet on the answerphone. As expected they had made a mistake and Genghis won’t be coming home today after all. We’ll be picking him up on Saturday as originally arranged. We’re both missing our silly Ginger Dog and are sad we have to wait to see him again, but at least he’s getting good care and being monitored down at the vets.

Saw The Downer Bros play to an intimate, but adoring, audience and then Bitch Unplugged down at the Star Bar last night. Maybe it was the Shiner Bock but the lead guy seemed to bear a remarkable resemblence to our favourite fop Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen. I kept expecting him to burst into life in a decorating frenzy and turn the Star Bar into a High Gothic fantasy. Didn’t happen though.

Bill just woke me up keen and eager to get out and about. I’m afraid I was a tad grumpy because I had been very snuggly and had been having this magnificent dream where I was breaking into a Finnish lighthouse to stop the light being turned off, and maybe have a party. At time of being woken up I was crouched outside the on the wet rock changing into my wellies and hiding from the lighthouse keeper’s cook. Fun! As Bill points out though I can get up and have fun in reality too, so excitedly off we go to climb a mountain, to see what we can see!

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