Cocktails at Huggy's Place and the rest of the weekend

We were invited over to Paul and Ron’s for drinks on Friday evening. Had a good time and chatted to lots of people, including an interesting transatlantic married couple. Laurie’s (US) husband Paul (UK) amused me when he related his love of proper British pies and how he’d found some at the Aussie Bakery in East Atlanta Village and they were good, but not quite right so he went home and baked up a batch himself. Just like me and pastys! Drank strange Brazilian cocktails, nibbled olives and tried to spot the poison dart frogs lurking in the vivarium.


The next morning we failed to get up to help with the Sylvester Cemetary clean up as planned, Bill had been a greedy boy and after eating a whole packet of Fig Newtons was feeling a little queasy.

I phoned home to speak to Sy and Mel as it was the last time I’d be able to speak to them in England. Sy’s visa for Australia came through and it was their final day in the UK. On Friday night they had had a party with their friends to send them off and wish them well and today I caught them as they were getting ready to go out to Jethro’s (bawdy Cornish stand up) with a group of mates. Was very weird talking to them and quite sad, especially as they didn’t come to the wedding and had to cancel their planned stay over in the States en route to Australia because of Aussie visa bureaucracy.

Vidalia onions were in the supermarket last time we went shopping and Bill bought a big bag of them. Bill spent most of Saturday morning in the kitchen making a delicious Vidalia Onion Souffle. Delicious. In return, I cooked up a batch of Chocolate Biscuit Cake, had to use Graham Crackers instead of Digestives but they seemed to do the job. Added a spot of Maker’s Mark, very bad, but oh so good.

When Bill had recovered sufficiently he drove my sewing machine (borrowed from his Mom) and I out to the repair shop to be serviced. Should get that back next week. We then did a mad tour of several Targets in the area searching for clothes for me, and failing. Bill also popped into Gallyans and got himself some new table tennis balls and a case to put his racquet in. Got back to the house feeling very frazzled and hot and sticky.

Come evening we left the house on another mission…to find a cheap copy of Kill Bill vol 1 on DVD. Scored a deal at Blockbuster where they have them for $12.99 if you trade in any DVD. We got rid of 28 Days Later which was good to watch once, and which neither of us fancied a second viewing.

Enjoyed a lazy evening in front of the telly with a good film.


Something keeps getting into my seedlings. I kept finding them scattered all over the place and getting more and more destroyed each day. Not sure if the culprits are squirrels or birds but I spent Sunday morning constructing myself a cold frame of sorts to protect them a little bit. I then broke into a sweat attacking some of the rampant weeds in the yard while Bill did some BrightHouse work and popped into the office to check with Jeff on a logo, and to borrow a table tennis bat for me to use when we went to the rec centre in the afternoon.

Went over to Coan Rec Centre and found a whole bunch of the local table tennis fanatics there. George was around too and he had the RoboPong out for people to use. Bill and I took a table and began hitting the ball back and forth. Tables are a lot bigger than the mini one at BrightHouse! It wasn’t long before George came over and started correcting my strokes. I suck. Kept trying to do what he was saying and obviously failed. After a while the RoboPong was free and George motioned for Bill and I to go over and he’d give us some tips. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting even more sweaty than ealier, hitting with RoboPong, with George watching attentively and giving constructive advice.

Got back to the house around five and both Bill and I keeled over and totally zonked out. Think we may be going back on Wednesday evening.

* * *

Sy and Mel were driven up to Heathrow for their flight to Australia today.

April 25th is the anniversary of my parents adopting Molly and welcoming her into the family.

St George’s Day was also Nanna Hayton’s birthday and a year ago this week Grandad Hayton became ill and passed away, so big hugs out to Mum for an emotional week of milestones. xoxox

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