Bill was restless at 6 this morning and although he fell back to sleep again I couldn’t and ended up fretting for a while before deciding to just get up and take Quince for a walk. The dog was more than happy to oblige so he and I took a wander around the neighbourhood. It was quite pleasant out as although warm it hadn’t got too hot yet and wasn’t unbearable to go out in. Quince got to have a good sniff around and lay some pee mail. We also bumped into a dog from down the road being walked by his owner. This dog could be Quincy’s twin, except that when we walk past his house he’s not quite as good natured as Quince, seems downright nasty in fact. Thankfully away from his territory doppleganger dog was friendly and just wanted to say “hi” and not tear Quince’s heart from his chest.

One of our neighbours has got a huge tree full of black berries. Beneath the boughs the road is stained purple and all the birds in the neighbourhood are currently producing vivid violet crap. When Bill and I took a walk the other day he told me it was a mulberry tree and we scrumped a few berries before the neighbour came out to say hello. I really want a tree of my own now. Another time we walked past I tried to take a cutting and used the hormone rooting powder in the hope that it would take, but no. I now have a shrivelled twig in a pot. I think next time the tree’s owner is out and about I’m going to ask if it would be okay to nab a sapling if I can find one. Mmmm mulberries.

Back at the house Bill was still snoozing so I transplanted some of my marigold seedlings into one of the flower beds and watered my plants. The plant that Mum and Dad bought us is doing really well and is looking very pretty. It’s at least doubled in size and the area by the side of the mailbox is a festival of delicate pink flowers that look just like a clustering swarm of butterflies. The day lilies are also blooming at the moment and provide the garden with a burst of yellow. They are called day lilies because each flower only blooms for a single day. However each plant will apparently keep producing flower heads all summer long so the display should last a bit longer than that.

I’ve also planted some cacti seeds up by the mailbox and am watching the soil there with interest. There is some sign of life. In the last few days I’ve noticed a couple of tender soft purple shoots begin to break through the surface.

I’ve not seen the woodpeckers for a while now and miss seeing their heads emerging from the trunk. We’re also not sure whether the fledgings in the See Rock City birdhouse are still there or whether they have grown and spread their wings. Neither of us want to investigate too closely for fear of upsetting a still warm nest.

Bill’s just phoned the immigration helpline as I still haven’t received my employment authorisation. Looks like we’re going to have to go down to the office in Atlanta early one morning next week and queue up to get an interim card because they are taking so long to issue the proper one. It just makes me so mad that we filed at the beginning of January, paid our fee, did the fingerprints and biometrics at the beginning of March, (for which Bill had to take the morning off work) and that now because the government agency is so crazily inefficient and slow we have to spend another interminable morning waiting in line using up more of Bill’s hours only to get my fingerprints and photo taken AGAIN. It’s just ridiculous that apparently Atlanta will then issue a card on the spot. So why couldn’t they just process the damn thing when I got the fingerprints and crap taken originally? FFS

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