Naughty Genghis

Last night Genghis had all privileges revoked. He’d been a very good dog lately and since he got the all clear from the vets we’ve been letting him get a little crazy and have more freedom. We’d progressed to letting him go out into the back garden on his own for short bursts providing that he had his lead attached.

Outside he’d been having a great time and could often be seen happily trying to oust some chipmunks from their burrows. We’ve discovered he can dig and is very good at it. Gingernuts gets very intense and with a flurry of dirt over his haunches is soon snuffling into the earth, wagging tail just visible above ground. Bill’s hoping that he might excavate around and/or dig up a decaying tree stump so that he doesn’t have to deal with it.

Quince has also been enjoying this relaxation of Genghis’ restricted activity and the pair of them have been having some good romps.

But, alas, no more. It’s back to strict supervision for our Gengs.

Last night Bill had to run back to the office for a while so I stayed at home and cooked us up some tea. It was a warm night so I left the kitchen door open and allowed the dogs to come and go as they pleased. Checked in on Genghis every so often and he was enjoying having the run of the yard and being a very good dog. All the time Bill was gone Genghis was out in the back yard doing whatever it is dogs do when they roam around sniffing things and generally getting high on smelly things. I called him a couple of times and he was very obedient, each time coming up to see what I wanted immediately.

Come bedtime I thus relented and although dark, allowed Genghis to take himself outside once more. After a short time I went to check on him. Shining the torch across the yard in the direction of his chinking collar I caught sight of him just as he snuck through the fence and into our neighbour’s yard. He stood stock still and stared at me for a moment, his eyes beacons reflecting back to taunt me in the black, before high tailing it down the street.


I grabbed my shoes, and Bill, and we raced out of the front door on a mission to recapture the beast. Bill jumped into the truck and sped down the street while I followed on foot.

Up ahead our dog casually stopped and took a pee on someone’s mailbox before legging it.

It took Bill a couple of attempts but he eventually managed to get the truck in front of the runaway, jump out, grab hold of his lead and coax a subdued Genghis into the cab.

I caught up , joined an aggravated Bill and a very pleased with himself dog and we drove back home around the circle where we discovered strange things were afoot last night.

When we’d left the house a couple of the redneck neighbours had been milling around outside their house and slightly up the street. Which was odd, though not totally out of the ordinary for that bunch. However, when we drove back around the circle we came up against a police car, lights pulsing, coming the other way. It stopped and an officer got out with a torch. He ignored us completely despite Bill asking if everything was okay, and started examining the bushes and driveway of a nearby house. The rednecks, along with another neighbour and his dog also merged on this location and it was all generally a bit weird.

We drove on and took the dog home none the wiser.

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