Rabid Ginger Nuts

Genghis had the pleasure of another trip to the vets this morning. This time it was to be tested to see if the heart-worm treatment had worked and killed all the babies.

This involved a blood test and poor Gengie was not having it all. Initially the vet took him into the back room and left Bill and I in the consulting room. All we could do was look at each other with concern when through the door we could hear Genghis’ expressions of displeasure and aggravation.

A while later the vet returned with two assistants. Genghis wasn’t co-operating and they had decided to try again with Bill’s help to hold and try to calm the poor dog down. A muzzle was fitted (he was so distressed he was in bite mode), and Gengie lifted onto the table where the two nurses and Bill held onto a struggling, scared and irate dog while the vet attempted to draw blood. This didn’t really go very smoothly but eventually she had enough of a sample to proceed with the test.

Released, poor Genghis slunk into the corner, his eyes and the top of his nose had turned bright red with panic. However, he was soon grinning and back to his happy placid self again. I think his unpleasant heart-worm treatment experience has made him react quite adversely to being at the vet’s now.

Anyhow, after a short wait, it was good news. There’s no sign of any baby worms in his bloodstream. Now he just has to wait until September before he gets tested to check that he is also clear of all the nasty adults. The vet said that 99% of the time the treatment works first time, but sometimes they do need to go in and cleanse the dog again. I hope Genghis is in the majority percentage.

I’ve spent the day with my head buried in Adobe yet again. Progress has been steady though and I’ve done 12 illustrations so far, only another 40 to go! Submitted my first freelance invoice last Monday. That’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to getting my first paycheck. Mmmm money!

2 Responses to Rabid Ginger Nuts

  1. missbumpkin June 24, 2004 at 11:52 am #

    Hugs to the happy healthy dog!
    paycheck? Mmmmm…shopping 😉

  2. missbumpkin June 24, 2004 at 11:52 am #

    Hugs to the happy healthy dog!
    paycheck? Mmmmm…shopping 😉

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