Horrid Wednesday

From: kallen
Subject: Re:
Date: 25 August 2004 17:31:55 GMT-04:00
To: michelle

Yeah, I’m okay thanks, I’ve just had enough, pretty much with everything (except Bill and the doggys of course).

The DMV thing is that I finally got my Social Security Card in my married name yesterday so I could go ahead and apply for my licence. I’m fed of being so dependent so thought I’d be brave and go on down to the DMV and hopefully surprise Bill by getting at least my Learner’s Permit (though he busted me by phoning when I was in the queue and I couldn’t exactly lie as to my location!)

After queueing for ages I eventually made it to the front of the line, presented everything requested only to be turned away because the bank statement I provided for proof of residence wasn’t this months (even though I had letters from USCIS and the one from SS which was dated yesterday which clearly had the same address on it).

Didn’t even get to try the sodding tests.

Got told to come back with Bill and provide his driver’s licence as evidence (like what’s that supposed to prove? Doesn’t have my name on it! Just shows he lives at the house *rolls eyes*) I’m just so pissed off with my life being on hold and every time I try to take a step forward I don’t get anywhere.

Couldn’t help just bursting into tears right at the counter. Great.

Also, very stressed cos I feel like my career isn’t going down the pan, it’s long gone and somewhere drowning in the ocean about now. Balls.

Miss my best friend (it was her birthday on Sunday) and parents and am just throughly fed up.

Atlanta is still working on applications for Adjustment of Status (residency applications and what I need granted before I can leave and re-enter the States unless we pay for parole) dated Dec 2001 and although I got a temporary Employment Authorisation because processing for that took longer than 90 days I’ve been waiting for the real thing since January and there’s no sign of it.

I guess that’s about the sum of it right now.

Thanks for asking.


On 25 Aug 2004, at 17:12, Michelle Matthews wrote:

are you ok? is it just one thing on top of another and you’re just reaching breaking point, or did something horrible happen today? bill mentioned the DMV… i don’t like them anyway.

: )

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