New Manchester

[TRANSCRIPT: pinkaboo_uk to an at first idling kandm_downes 22/08/04]

pinkaboo_uk: boo
pinkaboo_uk: love you
pinkaboo_uk: just got back from long walk with doggys
pinkaboo_uk: went to E Atlanta village and back
pinkaboo_uk: good for them, but not so healthy as it sounds for me
pinkaboo_uk: I stopped for a frozen coffee and a giant piece of cheese cake, mmmmm
pinkaboo_uk: nasty people outside the coffee shop when we got there
pinkaboo_uk: they were taking up all the outside seating by sitting on the middle bench and screaming that their dog “isn’t nice” when people tried to approach the entrance
pinkaboo_uk: I ignored them, and tied the dogs up just out of evil dogs reach and went inside
pinkaboo_uk: Quince and Genghis were model dogs while I was at the counter
pinkaboo_uk: and I put the nasty woman to shame by supplying my doggies with water
pinkaboo_uk: And yesterday we went to Sweet Water Creek State Park to take the doggies for a walk
pinkaboo_uk: We’d been there before but weren’t very impressed with the place
pinkaboo_uk: However a look online made us realise that we’d parked at the wrong spot and missed the real park, so we returned
pinkaboo_uk: Was much more impressive, actually found the marked trails this time and did the history hike to see the ruins of New Manchester
pinkaboo_uk: New Manchester was a mill and mill town that got destroyed in the US Civil war when the Yankees burned it to the ground
pinkaboo_uk: Now not much remains but a very pretty ruin next to some flat shoals
pinkaboo_uk: Again, we missed out on some of the park though as we didn;t realise the trail continued on from the mill and would have taken us to some water falls. Doh. Oh well, more to see next time we go there
pinkaboo_uk: Reminded me lots of Grenofen, though we couldn’t let the dogs run free or go in the water Park rules suck. Poor dogs
pinkaboo_uk: no one loves the dogs
kandm_downes: Boo
kandm_downes: Boo Hoo
kandm_downes: Boo hoo ..poor Paula!
pinkaboo_uk: Heh <–bill
pinkaboo_uk: But hooray for the USA
pinkaboo_uk: Kay is doing some wall patching in the bathroom
pinkaboo_uk: I'm yelling hysterically at the TV

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