An apartment in New York

By wandering around the apartment with Ed I have discovered that if I stand on tiptoes in the corner by the window and lift my laptop over my head I can get a faint trace of an open wireless connection. My internet habit thus continues to be sated.

We took a yellow cab from La Guardia right up through Manhattan to Kara and Klaus’ apartment by Columbia University. The ride was a lot smoother than I expected with only a couple of hairy moments, and I spent most of the time staring out of the window in awe.

On arrival Klaus was still busy helping his daughter with her school homework so Kara whisked us off up the road to have drink in Le Monde while we waited for Klaus and Octavia to finish.

My first impression of Klaus was him apologetically brandishing a German/English dictionary and straightening up his own language whilst helping Octavia with hers.

My second impression of Klaus was him amongst the bustle of New York, striding up the street towards where we were seated on the pavement, with a very proud Octavia on his shoulders.

Kara and Bill had passed the time playing memory lane and they both had a lot to catch up on. She was very nice and seemed incredibly comfortable.

I think Bill’s mainly covered the first night in his LJ, but he did fail to mention our amazement when Octavia who was still pursuing one homework assignment which involved making a tally of people’s favourite ice cream flavours eagerly took up her parent’s idle suggestion of asking the other people in the restaurant and, using the menu as a clipboard, happily disappeared to conduct an extensive survey. She had no fear.

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