Beardy blokes!!

Eeek! My Daddy’s gone hairy! Not at all the Daddy I expected to see when I turned on his webcam. Incidentally, I seem to remember that, despite having whiskers of his own, John Peel also tried to put beards into Room 101.

I’ve not been feeling so great lately and have been floundering in bed poorly quite a bit but thankfully I managed to pull myself together to go down to Little Five Points and watch the Halloween Parade on Saturday afternoon.

We’d popped by the StarBar the night before and seen Jim hard at work preparing his costume for the festival. He was deep in concentration attaching a couple of fox pelts (that he’d shot himself) to some second hand American Football shoulder pads and fashioning himself a mohawk. When Rodney’s little boy turned up he whisked him off to Junkman’s to get him a Wild Boy mullet wig. The theme for the StarBar crew was going to be Mad Max: The Road Warrior and I was keen to see the results parade through the streets of Little Five Points.

Bill had been cursing in the garden most of the day trying to erect an electric fence to keep Gingernuts in, while I’d been feeling grotty and hiding under a duvet and before we knew it the parade was upon us and it was a race to get to Little Five in time. Of course, when we arrived the entire rest of Atlanta had got there before us and there was zero parking. We ended up having to park way outside the neighbourhood and take a brisk walk to the festival. Worryingly as we turned the last corner we could see a float and costume clad people lurching along at the bottom of the hill and I really thought we’d blown it and missed Jim and the StarBar going past. We raced down the road, struggled to find a decent viewing position amongst the crowd, but were relieved to spot some post-apocalyptic low life scream out of Euclid Ave. Click on the image for photos.

(Jim had to shave a strip of his hair so that the spirit gum would stick his home-made mohawk to his head!)

Last night we went down to the StarBar for Karaoke. Jim was on bartending duty as a highly convincing glowing zombie, complete with burst boils and lacerations. Lovely. Wish I’d had my camera there and got a photo of that. We’re off to see him this evening too, Bill’s arranged to go down with some pumpkins and do some more carving. Yay!

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