An outing for Gingernuts

We decided today that maybe we should treat the dogs and test Genghis’ behaviour with a trip to the Piedmont Park Dog Park where they could run free and socialise with lots of other dogs.

This is the same park we took Quince to with Mum and Dad when they were in town, but back then Genghis had to stay at home because he was undergoing his heartworm treatment. He probably couldn’t have been trusted anyway.

Gingernuts has really seemed to settle down during the last few weeks and since we installed the electric fence has been on his best behaviour. We think also living with Quince has calmed him somewhat and he’s learnt his beloved, but lowly position in the pack.

It was with trepidation then that we went to the park and released Genghis off his lead, letting him loose to cause havoc among the canines. Bill was in charge of monitoring him, while I had the easier job of keeping Quincy out of trouble.

Genghis, given his freedom, immediately shot off across the bowl and away from the roaming medley of mutts with Bill closely tracking him. I was too engaged making sure that an excited Quince was playing nicely to concentrate on Gingernuts, but it sure did look like he was making a break and hunting for an elusive hole in the dog run boundary. I was most relieved when it transpired that he’d just needed to relieve himself and had made straight for a giant compost heap at the edge of the park. It seems that just like at home he wasn’t happy to poop until he’d played King of the Castle.

Quince meanwhile was having a blast and was busy saying hello to each and every dog around him. He had a great happy grin on his face and was bounding around eager to play. However, he has a terrible judge of character and I was appalled to have to distract him several times from getting too familiar with some rather hefty beasts. Rotweilers don’t take too kindly to attempted humping.

On his return from powdering his muzzle Genghis got stuck into the fray. At first he was as good as gold but soon he got a little too excited and ready to prove himself to the doggy community. He was just playing, and certainly wasn’t the only boisterous dog, but we felt he was getting a little too rough with one little puppy who kept getting pushed around. He did great for his first introduction to the dog park, but we ended up putting the lead back on and making a departure. Considering I’d been worried that he wouldn’t get on with the other dogs at all I was very happy with him nonetheless, 10 out of 10 for Genghis!

2 Responses to An outing for Gingernuts

  1. missbumpkin November 28, 2004 at 4:11 pm #

    Yey for Gingernuts!

  2. missbumpkin November 28, 2004 at 4:11 pm #

    Yey for Gingernuts!

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