Well played mate. That's crackin' defendin'

I can’t quite believe I’m sat here watching this, and I can’t quite believe I’m sat here finding the TV so hilarious.

I am embarrassed to admit I’m watching the English Premier League with Bill, Man City v Portsmouth, and I’m hooked. However, I can account and perhaps present a good case?

It’s on Fox Sports and it’s called Fanzone. The transmission consists of the broadcast of an EPL game but the commentators are replaced with two pisshead footy fans rooting for each of the battling teams.

Oh the colloquialisms, the jibing, the bawdiness. It’s gut-wrenching!

“that ball was owt! my Gawd!”

“didn’t go out, dinn’t go owt!”

*sobs of despair*

And Man City are in the lead

“oooh please, it’s doin’ me head’n!”

Oh crap, Bill just sat on the remote and turned the telly off.


Had a really lovely day down in Milledgeville with Bill’s folks today for Thanksgiving. Persuaded Bill to let me take the X-Box with us and introduced Julia and Max to Bust a Move. Both kids are vivacious, complete handfuls (Julia moreso than Max) and total gems. I admire how their Dad (Bill’s brother Donnie) has acquired the uncanny knack of being able to sleep through their gregarious behaviour. He continued to snore even while being pummeled by the ever demanding, wrecking ball, Julia.

Max is turning into quite the little artist. I showed them photos of Genghis and Quincy, and not content to just draw me a piccy of Gingernuts with bone in mouth, he managed to create a pictorial depiction of Genghis wagging, excited to come by such a treat, and then a second frame showing Genghis shaking his head, gnawing on the bone and digging the hole in which he would shortly bury his treasure. This was accomplished in one mere emotive picture. I hope he never grows out of and loses this skill. I was quite jealous.

At eight, Julia is a couple of years younger and is such a sweetie and maniac rolled into one. She also drew me a picture of Gingernuts. Her style is quite different to that of her brother’s and despite having the older sibling to emulate made no such move! She also spent the day reveling in beating Bill and I to pieces in the nicest possible way, though Bill is now quite sore and in recovery.

It was good to see Mary and Hank turn up for the meal too. I’d thought they were spending the occasion with Hank’s parents so I was glad to hear they were showing up too. Hank made us giggle when he told us about his first day at kindergarten when the teacher phoned his Mom worried that Hank may be hearing impaired as he didn’t answer his name during register. Of course, his Mom explained that he’d never been called Henry before so didn’t realise he was being addressed!

I also enticed Hank into playing Bust a Move for a while. The kids beat him easily! Muahahaha!

Like last year I got caught out again at the meal. Everyone else was stood around debating seats and the kids had been designated theirs so I thought I’d try not to get in the way and plumped myself down next to Max, while I thought everyone else was still working out arrangements. Turns out they were just preparing to say a Thanksgiving Grace. Oops.

Also, always takes me right back to Girl Guide camp, sitting around in the circle and having to fulfill my role as Patrol Leader by saying Grace before continuing to eat. Of course I was completely anal and had compiled a whole book full of thanksgivings in advance, at least 10x the requisite! Okay, that Kay was a bit odd.

Just as it was getting dark Bill and I had to leave and bid adieu as we had to get home to sort the doggies out. Poor things had to stay at home as Max gets terrible allergies. However, they perked up when we showed them the special present Mary had made for them. She’d actually baked some Christmas dog biscuits (they are in the shape of stars) and we have a whole tin full for Genghis and Quince. They were very impressed and gobbled some up with their dinner. They say “Thank you very much indeedy Aunty Mary!”

2 Responses to Well played mate. That's crackin' defendin'

  1. missbumpkin November 26, 2004 at 4:12 pm #

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We all know you are a secret Argyle fan! Innit! ;p

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Allens!

    Lots of love

  2. missbumpkin November 26, 2004 at 4:12 pm #

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We all know you are a secret Argyle fan! Innit! ;p

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Allens!

    Lots of love

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