December 23rd

Was celebrated at midnight with a big hug for my man and a glass of Bailey’s or two.

Happy Birthday Bill.

Not going to shame him by telling you how old he is this year, but when big hand hit the hour he was looking a little green.

Playing World of Warcraft into the night and turning off the alarm clock cheered him up considerably though.

In the morning (far too early having been up so late! – Bill doesn’t sleep!) I was woken up and told to hide under the covers while he leapt out of bed with something in his hand. I heard distant rustlings before succumbing back to dreamland, only to be prodded about five minutes later and a present, now wrapped, dumped on top of me.

“Happy Anniversary babe!”

Yes. It’s now a year since we got married. Whoo hoo! Happy Anniversary hubby!

I eagerly unwrapped my gift…a book on knitting some funky stuff, hoorah! I had to then ask if Bill had checked under the Christmas tree lately? For his pressies had been waiting patiently there for him since the night before, he’d even caught me putting them there and walked past them several times without noticing! I swear, Warcraft has addled his brain.

Bill then perked up considerably, raced to investigate and came back beaming, two gifts in hand.

From my parents he unwrapped “The Art of Looking Sideways”, an immense book I’d had the pleasure of carrying home all the way from the Post Office! He was instantly so engrossed in it’s pages that my present to him lay at his side neglected for some time! Heh.

When he got around to my present, of course he could tell exactly what it was through the wrapping as it was something he’d hovered over many times in Borders…a copy of “Pixelworld”. It comes in a heat sealed plastic casing so I was pretty worried as to what he actual contents would be, but when he finally managed to cut his way into it we were both poring over the pages.

Then it was back to warfare in Azeroth for him where he sat with a big happy grin on his face. Of course, I was shattered from the night before and fell asleep again.

A bang at the door causing all three dogs (we’re dogsitting another at the moment) to frenzy brought me back to the awake world. Bill answered the door and was presented with a large parcel. Mum and Dad had sent us a beautiful miniature rose to mark our first anniversary! Thank you!! We should be able to plant it in the garden and watch it grow. *grins*

For lunch we mosied around bitterly cold Decatur, explored some shops and ate burritos and veggie chilli before heading over to Junkman’s in Little Five looking for pressies for the kids. We decided that everything there was a bit adult for them though and had to leave emptyhanded. Think our back up plan of a trip to Borders for gift vouchers may well happen!

Back at the house we munched down on birthday cake. I’d made Devil’s Food Cake the day before, I’d decorated with Bill’s name, but no candles because I forgot to buy any. Doh. Bill declared so many candles would have burnt the house down anyway.

We finished the celebrations off at Thai East Atlanta for a nice anniversary meal where Bill stuffed himself on sushi and I plumped for the Basil Duck, boom boom!

Had a really nice day together.

2 Responses to December 23rd

  1. Anonymous January 14, 2005 at 3:13 pm #


    Isn’t it about time that you updated this journal? Slacker!

    Hiram W Bugnastie

  2. Anonymous January 14, 2005 at 3:13 pm #


    Isn’t it about time that you updated this journal? Slacker!

    Hiram W Bugnastie

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