Frozen toes and more info on the driving test.

Still cold. Peeked out the window when I woke up this morning and it’s rather white out there, though not with snow but with a thick layer of ice. I’m not braving getting out of my nice bed surrounded by a snuggly Quince and Genghis just yet, though Bill was of course up bright and early and engaged in pixel warfare mere hours after climbing into bed at silly o’clock in the morning.

Certainly looks like the day is going to be one of bedding down, trying to stay warm (even with the heating on the chill is beginning to seep through the duvet) and hoping we don’t lose power. Normally it seems in bad weather our neighbourhood electricity is the first to go, and the last to come back on. All good so far, hope it stays that way and I haven’t spoken too soon.

We were planning on going to the StarBar tonight for their anniversary celebrations but I guess we’ll be waiting to see what the weather is like later. Rats.

A little more info on Tuesday’s driving test:

We showed up at the DMVS and there were huge queues stretching out of the room and meandering around the shopping mall. Thankfully we didn’t have to join it and could just march straight up to the front desk as it was a booked appointment. Muahahahaha.

Had to sign some forms claiming that I had done the requisite number of daytime and nighttime driving hours. Yup, think I had that one covered. Then I got sent to get my eyes tested. As each desk had these great big testing machines I thought this was going to be a bit more involved than the British method of standing you a set distance from a license plate and asking you to read it aloud. But no. I peered into the interface (like one of telescope machines you get in seaside towns or on cliffs) and there was a line of numbers to read out. Then a quick pulse of light to the right and the left and that was it, vision deemed ok. Back to the front desk with my paperwork I trotted.

The next step was to be sent outside and told to park the truck in a space with a yellow DMVS sign and wait. Ok, did that. Parked and waited.

We watched several people get taken out for their tests and while they were out a guy came over, some girl’s Dad I believe, and warned me that the instructor had already failed two girls that morning for not indicating enough. Should be okay on that score, I’m a big fan of indicating.

Another lad who went out before me must’ve been an instant fail. He didn’t seem to speak much English as his accompanying driver was shouting at him repeatedly to turn the engine on in response to the examiner’s request. Though that was no excuse for then driving off the wrong way down a one way road and then cutting straight across the marked spaces to get to the exit. Ouch.

Bill and I then had a quick panic about the truck and did a run through to make sure all the lights were working. Truck passed muster, phew, as that was the first thing the examiner checked when it was my turn.

Ok, so with Bill replaced by the examiner it was finally my turn to take my test. We tootled through the parking lot into a cordoned off section where there was a bunch of traffic cones set up to emulate parking spaces. Ugh. She stopped me just before I turned a corner to come up to the cones and requested I parallel parked up ahead. There were 3 cones in front, 3 to the back, and 2 to the side which I supposed to park 18 inches parallel to.

Gah, this didn’t really go too well from the start because it was hard to even line myself up properly in the truck from where we’d stopped, and then the truck is so high I couldn’t even see the cones. I had to reverse and straighten up to even give myself a decent chance of completing this manoeuvre. Tried not to get flustered and continued to park, managed to get into the spot just (was barely truck sized) and then tried to see saw my way in. Parallel parking is usually fine, but this was a nightmare.

Eventually the examiner stopped me and we moved on to another cone setup where I had to pretend I was backing around 90 degrees into a space. No problem. Easy.

Then we had the reversing straight back for god knows how far. Wasn’t really sure how fast to go with this so went for slow and steady. I guess maybe this came across as hesitant because despite the lengthy parallel park this was the only thing I got docked points for. *shrugs*

An emergency stop followed (felt very weird without a clutch) and then we left the cordoned area for a tootle around the neighbourhood. I wanted to laugh because this section seemed so obvious…righty’s a 25 limit stretch, and now it’s changed to 35, couple of stop sign, turning left, turning right and some lights. Heh.

This little jaunt over it was back to park in the mall lot again and without much ado to be told I’d passed. In fact she even said I’d been the best she’d had in a while…though I’d have hoped so considering I was probably up against 16 year old virgin drivers! Still, nice of her to say so *beams*

Thanks to all the people who sent congratulations. Last night I also dreamt I got a card from Nanna Downes, just like the one she sent me when I was 17 and got my UK license.

2 Responses to Frozen toes and more info on the driving test.

  1. strangepixel January 30, 2005 at 6:28 pm #

    Congrats from me too, I told you you’d be fine… ;]

  2. strangepixel January 30, 2005 at 6:28 pm #

    Congrats from me too, I told you you’d be fine… ;]

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