Ice storm Atlanta

Well I spoke too soon. Around four o’clock this afternoon we lost power until just before midnight. This meant we huddled into bed with the dogs and tried to read by candlelight. Without the heating it got decidedly frosty in the house. When the power came back the heating thermometer read 57 degrees fahrenheit, so that’s about 12-13 celsius? Hmm, felt colder.

I was rather annoyed as I’d been looking forward to getting out of the house and going to the StarBar anniversary show. Still, when I managed to get back online the StarBar didn’t make it this evening either and the Satanic Mechanics (all-star Star Bar performance recreating the music from the Rocky Horror Show) has been rescheduled for Thursday night now. Hmm, a work night for Bill but we still might make the effort.

Also I’d been hoping to take my maiden solo voyage this weekend and that isn’t going to happen. Bah humbug.

BTW Bill tells me that over here they don’t bother gritting most roads, just major bridges and things. I guess it would be rather pricey but I’m not impressed.

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