Where did the weekend go?

I’m very glad that the weekend just gone was a long one.

We were intending to venture out to the Star Bar on Friday night to see Grand Moff Tarkin (Jim’s Star Wars band) but as they weren’t going to be on stage until 1pm and Bill came home from work totally shattered and looking completely drained, we decided to forego that outing. It was a shame because I’d been looking forward to seeing them and we’d missed Jim play the other day too. That time we just plain forgot though.

Instead we of course turned to World of Warcraft for entertainment.

Saturday, we had a jaunt into Molten Core planned and were back on World of Warcraft for a forty man instance raid at 1 o’clock. I should explain. Molten Core is one of the high level raid instances in World of Warcraft. It takes a group of forty people working together to be able to successfully complete it. I believe there are ten big bad bosses lurking inside, each one needing different strategies to take down.

Once you kill the first enemy, Lucifron, the instance becomes saved and a count down begins. We then have seven days in which to try to defeat all of the bosses before everything spawns again. Raid members become locked to this particular instance and are unable to enter Molten Core with any other group until the instance resets. Each time a boss is defeated he drops a couple of epic items which are highly prized by players but the ratio of drops to raid group is tiny and most runs only a handful of people will return brandishing phat loot.

At the moment such raids are terribly tiring and we must have spent four or five hours trying to work out the tactics to defeat the fifth boss, Baron Geddon. We’ve been running these raids for some weeks now and can pretty much defeat the first four bosses without too much trouble.

The first time we got a group together and went in we wiped at the first mobs and didn’t even get to see a boss but on Tuesday evening we were able to blow through Lucifron and Magmadar, and on Thursday we managed to take down down Gehennes and Garr. We’re still working on coordination and tactics for the Baron though and unfortunately Saturday was not to be a break through day.

I’m sure you are completely bored by this and are wondering why on earth we’d chose to spend so much time and effort in a virtual world. Believe me, I ask myself the same question but somehow being a level 60 dwarf paladin and helping hubby (level 60 dwarf priest) to heal and keep a raid group alive is a lot of fun. However, I don’t feel quite so bad about it this weekend because the weather was awful and rainy.

We also ran a Dire Maul tribute run this weekend. That is a five man instance where we had to get past a lot of ogre bosses without harming them in order to assassinate the ogre King. If successful all the bosses that you chose not to kill then make you the King and come and pay tribute. More phat (virtual, *sigh*) loot is of course also involved.

*sigh* So there you go another fun, but totally wasted weekend, in the lives of Bill and Kay. However, as I said at the beginning, this weekend was a long one so we had Monday (Memorial Day) to make up and join the real world.


Trago, my little hunky male Night Elf Druid, I’m afraid to say has been decommissioned and has hung up his adventuring hat. He was very handsome and adorable, but I was most surprised to find that I hated playing a male character. There are many people who seem to have to trouble portraying the opposite sex, but I am not one. Bill and I decided that it was just too weird.

I did actually attempt to petition a Games Master asking if it were possible for him to have a sex change, but unfortunately my request was refused. Whether or not they thought I was taking the piss I don’t know. I was quite upset about not being able to continue with Trago but I’m just happier playing a girl, so I’m afraid poor Trago has been ditched.


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  1. ashridge May 31, 2005 at 9:33 pm #

    I knew that!

  2. ashridge May 31, 2005 at 9:33 pm #

    I knew that!

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