anticipating baby bump

I’m a little nervous at the moment. Bill should be coming home from work in good time today to take me to Pregnancy Aquarobics. I’ve pulled out my swimming costume from the depths of my chest of drawers and thankfully it seems to still fit me. In fact, I feel like a bit of a fraud to be honest as although I’m definitely knocked up I’m not exactly showing yet. I almost feel like I need to wait for a prominent bump before enrolling in any classes in case I look out of place and not pregnant enough to be there!

Saying that, although I’m not really showing yet my normal clothes were definitely beginning to get very uncomfortable on. By the end of most days last week I’d given up and was wandering around the house with my fly at half mast. So, on Sunday we decided to take the plunge and try to find me some maternity clothes.

This was a hilarious and scary experience as again I didin’t really feel pregnant enough to be browsing the maternity clothes and was nervous people were looking at me funny. And then when I went to try some stuff on I was confronted with a fake tummy in the form of a pillow and velcro strap in the changing room! It was a sort of tear shaped cushion and I couldn’t decide which way was supposed to be up, and didn’t really feel up to asking the assistant! This contraption looked more convincing with some garments than others, and was mostly just pretty embarrassing. I had to keep hiding behind the curtain and amid giggles asking for Bill’s opinion rather than brave going outside where other people might see me too.

I have to say the maternity wear selection was pretty dire, but in the end I emerged with a pair of jeans, a long denim skirt, a pair of red cords (my favourite as they match my hair*) and several nice baggy tops that should all last me through pregnancy as my tummy develops into a bump. I’ve been wearing this gear already this week and although it’s a tad big on me at the moment have been feeling so much more comfortable.

The bottoms are funny as they look perfectly normal until you get to just below the normal waistband, at which point they turn into a wide band of stretchy elasticated at the top. You can definitely stuff a couple of cushions down the front of them! Very comfy. Aaah.


When I’ve not been having to get up every 5 mins to go to the loo I’ve been dreaming very vividly lately and although most of the time I can’t remember what on earth I was dreaming about mere minutes after waking up one particular adventure stuck in my mind this week. I dreamt I gave birth to an exceedingly hairy ginger baby. He was very hairy all over and when we got home from the hospital it was very confusing because we couldn’t tell Genghis and our newborn apart. I’m sure this led to all sorts of embarrassing capers and situations but unfortunately I can’t remember the rest of the details of that strange dream.


*eek I hope my freshly dyed hair doesn’t run down my face in the pool this evening! After much googling I decided this week that I was going to take the plunge and redye my hair. I had been hesitant as I’ve been told that it isn’t proved that bleach and dye are safe to use during pregnancy. However, I just couldn’t stand the look of my faded dreads any more and they went back to a deep reddy purple again on Monday. To be on the safe side I was however very careful not to dye anywhere near my roots or scalp so it’s mainly just the tips and body of my hair that is dyed again. No bleach was involved and I only used a vegan vegetable based dye so I’m pretty happy baby is perfectly fine. I’m certainly happier and feel bouncier again.

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