Ashridge for Christmas

Missing Bill right now as currently he is hopefully asleep in bed in Atlanta with the boys while I am waking up in my old bedroom in Tavistock. Yes, I’m in the UK having flown over on Wednesday evening.

Thanks to a doctors note from the hospital regarding Mum’s operation I was able to apply for, and get Advance Parole papers from immigration so that if I left the USA I’d be able to return home afterwards. I then managed to get my expiring passport renewed with my name changed, and it was then all systems go! Hoorah!

Bill is finishing off his last days at BrightHouse (he has been made redundant as the company downsizes) and Dad and I will be driving to Gatwick to pick him up early on Friday morning.

The flight went well, especially when I appeared at my place and the lady with the window seat took one look and decided to move elsewhere! Okay, whatever, fine by bump and me. I got two seats to sprawl across and made the most of that.

I stayed awake long enough to watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (which I wasn’t impressed by) on the overhead cabin monitors and then after the stewards had served the meal (which I didn’t eat as it wasn’t veggie…I wasn’t on the list) and stopped proffering me peanuts (I thought they’d switched to pretzels now because of allergy sufferers?!) I endeavoured to sleep. I have no idea how long I was out for and the rest of the flight was passed in a disorientating haze because I have no watch and thus had no clue as to how long I’d been on the flight.

Hearing familiar accents was fun on arrival at the airport and then after only a slight confusion as to which side of the road we were driving on I settled down and everything slipped into normalcy with me sat next to Dad feeling perfectly at home in Blighty.

It’s a long drive back to the West Country and we drove to the country soundtrack of Slim Dusty (Senior Australian of the Year 1999) and Dad singing along.

Molly was waiting when we got home and went perfectly mad. Mum had to stand aside and wait for Mowgs to finish hogging all the attention before getting any hugs herself. Molly is sleek, very black and shiny, in fact absolutely gorgeous and Mum was a sight for sore eyes, looking very well, and getting around admirably on her crutches. It was so good to be able to see and hug everyone properly.

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