Christmas Day

Hope you everyone is having a fantastic Christmas. It’s a beautiful crisp and clear day here today and so we went up to Pork Hill for a short walk before dinner. That’s where my Nanna Downes’ ashes are scattered right up where she has a fantastic view looking across the moors and down to Tavistock. It was terribly cold and windy up there though so we didn’t stay long. There were several people around braving the weather but it really was bitter. No ice cream van today!

Mary and Hank would have loved to see the Dartmoor Ponies grazing up there today though. Some naughty person had brought a load of carrots and scattered them up by the car park so they were all milling around and seemingly trying to warm themselves by hot engines!

On our way out to Pork Hill at the bottom of our lane we passed some poor unfortunate person’s car on fire. On our return we couldn’t get back up the lane as the fire engine had arrived and was blocking the way. The fire was now safely out and all the firemen were gathered around eating mince pies! Merry Christmas!

Bill and I then decided to walk Molly up to the Pimple (that small building above an underground reservoir on the moors above Ashridge) and we’ve just got back from chasing her around and throwing sticks. Three years ago today Bill was with us at Ashridge for Christmas and marched me up to the Pimple after dinner, in the cold and wet I may add, and proposed to me. Had a little snuggly moment together looking out over Whitchurch Down. Love my hubby.

Dinner is still underway at the moment and everyone is getting very hungry with all the delicious smells wafting around the house. Can’t wait to tuck in and then spend the afternoon being very full and content in front of the fire.

At present opening time I was relieved to see that Bill really liked the watch I bought him, not to mention his bottle of Piddle in the Hole beer and flag of St Pirrin! Mum was thrilled with her Crocs plastic beach shoes, though it looks like I’ll have to exchange them for a size smaller for her, and Dad was happy with The Modern Antiquarian book I got for him. Success all around I think.

Our best wishes to everyone from all at Ashridge. Have a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year.

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