Miss Sprout

Was very energetic on Friday for after my hectic trip around Tavistock, and the jaunt on the moors with dog and Dad I then ventured out to the farm to see Nicky. Again, no problems driving out there and I had fun tootling through the country lanes scaring the rabbits.

Hung out at the farm for a bit supping tea and hugging on Nicky’s little dogs. They have eight crazy dirty muddy dogs on the farm now, three of which consider Nicky to be mum. She sat on the sofa with her Jack Russells sound asleep draped all over her while we watched Space Cadets on the telly.

Didn’t stay long, but was very cool to go out and chill with the Sprout. Will hopefully get hold of her later today and venture out there again this afternoon.

I also got to see Nicky on Saturday when she came out to Tavy and we went around the shops. It was crazy busy down there and a trip through Woolworths was a battle. Of course, we had to look at the baby section in all the shops and go gooey at all the cute things! Woolys had fantastic Tigger baby jumpsuits and I was soo tempted because I’ve been keeping an eye out for one of those, but I was good and kept my wallet shut. I just wasn’t sure what size to get anyway as it would be too warm for a newborn to wear in May, and I have no idea what size to go for to prepare for baby’s winter! I guess “up to six months” would’ve done it so maybe I’ll have to go back and make a purchase later!! Sooo cute! It had a hoody with ears and everything!

I started feeling quite worn out rather quickly so Nicky and I adjourned to a cafe for drinks and nibbles. I succumbed to a toasted tea cake while she gorged herself on a slice of banoffee pie and then looked quite sick but pleased with herself afterwards.

The shops then started to close on us around five o’clock so we headed to Do It All to choose some Crimble decorations for her tree (found some nice sparkly wire butterflies in a bargain bin!) and then back to Ashridge where Nicky was invited to stay for tea.

By this point I’d had enough and although managed to make it through the meal was beginning to fade rapidly. Had to say goodbye to Nicky and do some collapsing!

I did come home from Tavy clutching a packet of little navy blue newborn cotton socks featuring TIGGER!! on them! Mum has since used them to show me how to get tiny socks onto mini feet as I had to try to put some socks on her cause she can’t manage that yet and I guess I made a pig’s ear of it!

2 Responses to Miss Sprout

  1. strangepixel December 12, 2005 at 10:01 pm #

    There is no reason not to buy the Tigger suit, it will be sooo cute 🙂

  2. strangepixel December 12, 2005 at 10:01 pm #

    There is no reason not to buy the Tigger suit, it will be sooo cute 🙂

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