O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

In my inbox this morning:

“Application Type: I485 , Application to Register Permanent Residence or
to Adjust Status

Current Status:

On December 23, 2005, the card order was completed and we mailed the
applicant’s new card directly to him or her. ”

WOOOOOO!! I hope this is for real because it seems to be telling me that my application for US residency has finally been approved after a long two year wait! (I sent my forms off the day after we got married in 2003!)

Ooooh, looking forward to seeing what is waiting for me in the post when we get back to Atlanta. Hopefully this means I can now work again and will now be allowed to leave the US without having to worry about being denied reentry or abandoning my status. Being able to work or freelance properly will be a godsend this year with the baby coming and us needing to scrape the cash together to cover all Sam’s expenses. (Did I mention baby Allen is going to be a Samuel?) Bill was made redundant at Thanksgiving and although he’s clever and now has a new job lined up and ready to start on the 2nd it was very scary worrying about we were going to do financially as my work permit had expired and we were really relying on his income.

I’m slightly dubious and not wanting to jinx anything quite yet though as it seems to have been approved without an interview, and without me being asked for the required vaccination supplement. Weird.

I think hubby and I may go out for a meal together this evening to celebrate, hoorah!

Please be true! I want to see that (pink) Green Card in the post when we arrive back home!

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