End of the day

Ooops! I sort of flaked out for several hours mid afternoon and had a nap curled up with the dogs in the bedroom. When I roused again the day was over and lo and behold today’s kitchen task accomplished! Despite all the banging and hammering going on I totally slept through the laying of a new 1/2″ layer of decking and then underlay on top of that. Great job fellas!

Bill also went down into the crawl space and messed around with the plumbing so that we actually have a water supply to the fridge now and will finally be able to hook up the ice maker that until now has just sat there taking up space in our freezer. Hoorah!

My part in today’s work didn’t go quite so swimmingly. All I had to do was go get some pizza from Johnny’s. Needless to say this took about three times as long as it should have because as usual I got totally lost. I was drove up and down Dekalb Avenue looking for Elizabeth Street and could not find it. No wonder, because the damn road hasn’t got a streetsign on it…so not completely my fault! I’m glad I had Quincy in the truck with me though, I always feel a lot calmer and safer out and about with him breathing toxic fumes into my ears.

I think tomorrow Bill intends to tear out the edging around the doors and windows, and replace some of the most damaged wallboards. Lots of work to do, but they certainly accomplished great things today. 😀

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