We have a Gingernuts back with us! Hoorah!

After a frustrating week of being vehicle-less because the truck has been sitting at the garage I spent Friday racing around Atlanta picking it up, getting the required emissions test done and sorting out the new tag from the tax office before it closed, while just managing to squeeze in my doctor’s appointment too.

This meant that when Bill got home we jumped into the truck and headed on over to Columbus to pick up our little doggy. We felt so bad that we had been home an entire week and not been able to go collect him. Twas so exciting to go finally pick him up and give him lots of hugs.

I think he’s had a good holiday too. He had plenty of other dogs there to play with, and he got lots of love from Jessica while he was there. It was quite amazing to see him sit side by side with their cat and not want to eat it, and then even more jaw dropping when Richard took his ferrets out of their cage and bopped Genghis over the head with them, no problem at all. I was beginning to wonder if this was our crazy dog at all, or some imposter.

Back at the house Quince seemed very happy to see Genghis too and they have both settled down very well again. For being stinky, they both suffered the indignity of the bath yesterday and in solidarity immediately went outside and found something to roll in together. They still smell pretty sweet though, just picked up clusters of sweethearts each.

Our family is back together again, all five of us.


My doctor’s appointment was short. Met a different doctor who may be on call for delivery if my normal doctor is off-duty that day and got my weight, blood pressure etc checked. Good job I was paying attention though as I noticed the nurse was writing my details down in someone else’s notes….oops!

Got to hear Samuel’s heart beating away once more. It’s now stronger and clearer than before and punctuated by kicks.

Doc seems happy so I guess all is well.

It’s weird how at the moment some days I feel pregnant and others I seem to completely forget, until I get kicked or am suddenly exhausted. Feeling great most of the time now and have a lot more energy back.


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