Blimey I’ve just had a very full week and am ready for some good sleeping. Although Monday was Martin Luther King Day so really the working week was only four days it’s felt like much longer than that.

Bill had me coming into the office every day so that I could be available for some freelance work he wanted to throw at me. This meant that I actually made it out of bed at half seven and worked a full day, every day, for the first time in ages. Aside from working on my own freelance obligations I racked up over 20 hours doing production work for Bill and earned a nice little packet this week…woo hoo!!

Thankfully I’m in the energetic phase of my pregnancy right now and the sickness and being totally flaky seems to have passed. I’m feeling great, just really, really tired. Tummy is getting quite large and tight now and I’m almost at the stage where I’m going to have to loosen my dungarees from “porky” to the “really fat” setting! Going up stairs is becoming an ordeal and I have to grab the railing because I get a little wobbly due to the change in my centre of balance and the fact I can’t see my feet anymore.

Haven’t felt a great deal from Samuel lately, just the odd kick every so often alerts me to his increasing presence. He actually seemed a lot more active when I was in Tavistock, though he is now certainly responding to sound when Bill talks to him, and being prodded.

Friday night was a little disappointing as we ended up working late and I didn’t make it to my aquarobics class. I really need to get more exercise and also find some prenatal classes to help make sure I’m doing the right things to prepare myself for labour. Am getting a bit frustrated about this as I feel I want to try a natural birth if I can and thus would appreciate any tips about relaxation techniques and to know that I’ve made sure I’m not going to be a blob in the delivery room, but I can’t seem to find a class to enroll with and I’m running out of time. The Piedmont Hospital keep sending me emails reminding me to register early with their classes, but whenever I phone to enroll I’m told they don’t have any classes to register for at the moment. I’ve also emailed the Better Birth Foundation for information on their classes and although I initially got an immediate reply I’ve been waiting a week now and no further information. Bah!

This weekend we intended to really tackle the kitchen and get the new floor laid, however this has fallen a little behind. It’s been a rainy few days so we were unable to store anything on the back porch while we worked inside (although I did a grand job of clearing the porch out so that there’s plenty of room for all the stuff now) and despite the offers to help us, it ended up being just Bill (I don’t really count at the moment) so we decided to concentrate on really prepping the kitchen this weekend and hoping folks are available to help him next weekend instead.

We did manage to remove the non-essential cupboards and cabinets and in doing so discovered a couple of power sockets we didn’t know existed, as well as some nasty holes in the walls we’re going to need to repair before we continue anyway.

We also took a trip to Ikea to order the new sink and taps, and came back with a new light fitting for the kitchen, which Bill fitted this morning. It’s already made a huge difference and made us feel like we are making progress. Instead of a Mr Prout Trago special (we had the same light fitting as his cottages!) we now have a spankingly bright z-strip of five angled halogen mini lights. It’s wonderful!

Next weekend we have the major refit to do, but I think we have a bit to do in the evenings this week so that we (ok, Bill!) can get really stuck in with the hard work on Saturday. I’m exhausted thinking about it.

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