Trip to Ikea

This weekend Bill and I went to Ikea with the intention of checking that the cot and changing table we want for the nursery isn’t in the current sale, and came home with a new kitchen.


Yup, the completely cleared out spare room ready for Mary to work her magic is now full of Ikea boxes containing flat pack kitchen cabinets! (For interested people you can see it on the Ikea website, the model name is TALBO, free standing kitchen.)

It’s quite exciting. We found a kitchen that should work well in our cramped house and as it is a discontinued line it was massively reduced. Unfortunately I have one niggling concern at the back of my mind because one crucial piece was not in stock and so we are relying on the Ikea staff to remember us and give us a ring when they disassemble the showroom model in a few weeks time. Aaargh! Not ideal, and I hope this doesn’t mess our plans up.

We also went to Lowes and found some floor tiles we both liked that should match the new units. They are a coppery brown colour and best of all should camouflage any dirty doggy paw prints quite nicely. Hoorah!

So, we finally pulled the trigger and have a lot of work ahead of us this month.

Now we have to ensure that the current kitchen tiles aren’t made of asbestos before we start pulling anything up. Yikes! They better not be! I’m rather worried about that as I had no idea there was a possibility I’ve been walking around on that stuff! Bill’s taken a sample and now we have to find somewhere to get it tested before we go any further…*sigh*…there’s always something in the way to slow us down.

Still, we’re determined to use the next four months to make our house as nice and safe as possible for our new addition and with the offers of help from Mary and Hank, and Richard, we may actually get somewhere finally.


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