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After another non-stop week at WestWayne and our continued efforts in the kitchen during the evenings it would have been nice to get a lie in this morning. Unfortunately this was not to be and instead we had to set the alarm even earlier so that we could make it to Dunwoody at 8.30am for our crash course childbirth class.

Brandishing four new pillows and a blanket (had to go out and buy new ones as we declared our existing bedding too scummy to be seen out in public!) as directed, we got there a little late, but thankfully we were not the last of the eight or nine couples to arrive.

I think most people were due in either March or April and it was interesting to steal glances and compare tummy sizes. I felt huge, but Bill assured me I haven’t got a giant baby and that I’m not oversized.

The class itself was great and just what I needed to reassure myself that we’ll be able to get through the labour together. We were taught a lot about procedures and anatomy, but also some relaxation and breathing techniques. Dads were briefed clearly on ways to support their partners during labour and we practiced some of the ways of coping with pain and did some visualisations of the big day. Bill was brilliant and did a great job at getting to grips with massages that may help and noting anything important down that I’m likely to forget, ie pretty much everything.

I admit I had been a little nervous about his involvement in the delivery room, nothing against him at all, I’d just been concerned that from lack of experience we’d end up at odds and miscommunicating at a stressful time. Now though we both have more of an idea of what to expect and I have absolute faith in his ability to keep me on a (fairly) even keel, and be able to deal with hospital staff to make sure our birth wishes are respected.

I’m certainly upbeat that assuming nothing goes medically pearshaped that with his help a natural birth is not unreachable, and if certain situations were to arise, that Bill would know the right questions to ask to make sure any procedures are performed because they are medically necessary, not for convenience.

The crash course continues tomorrow.

I also went to yoga for the first time last Wednesday evening. On my doctor’s recommendation I decided to try out Pierce Pregnancy Yoga to see if that might be helpful for both conditioning and preparing for labour, and focusing through it. This first session had its ups and downs.

After a long day at work I asked Bill to take me there for the first time as I didn’t know where I was going and was nervous. Soon I was beginning to regret this as Bill got more and more grumpy on the way. This came to a head when we discovered parking was impossible at the centre and, unable to turn around he had to back out onto a busy road. Hate it when he gets like that and I got upset.

The centre was in complete darkness when I went to investigate where the class was held. In search of someone to ask I tried looking in the room. No lights were on and I got a big fright as a I inadvertently walked in on a class in progress in the dark.

Back in the truck we waited a bit and eventually people appeared to be leaving the centre. This time grumpy Bill came up with me and although the door was shut we could hear talking going on within. Bill was getting impatient and after listening through the door, declared it was just after class gossip and urged me in again. Bad move. I walked in on the class, still in progress, again. Not the first impression I wanted and I got even more wound up.

Finally the pregnancy class instructor did show up though and taking deep breaths I stayed to see the class through.

Despite feeling weepy and stressed and uncomfortable the class was interesting and I think I will be going again. It was a two hour session of gentle stretching and breathing, with a little relaxation and a cup of tea over a chat at the end. We also did a bit of chanting, during which I felt very self conscious, but I can see how it may well help to focus away from pain during contractions.

In my flakey state on Wednesday it also reminded me of one of my first days at primary school in Tavistock when we first moved there. Took me right back to being sat in a circle with strange unknown children in Mr Pitcher’s music class and having to sing combinations of notes back to him. I really hated that. Then, I got all homesick and weepy and had to dry my eyes. *sigh*

So, not an auspicious first yoga class, but I am determined to be stronger next time and go with a better state of mind and put that behind me. I do feel what it has to offer will be valuable to me as I approach Sam’s birthday.

Bill picked me up afterwards and the appearance of a Quincy in the back cheered me up considerably. Bill had also chilled by this point and we hugged and made up. All better now. 🙂

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  1. ashridge February 19, 2006 at 4:09 pm #


    What’s next? Sandals and saffron robes? Glad you enjoyed the yoga..pass the golden ball grass hopper

  2. ashridge February 19, 2006 at 4:09 pm #


    What’s next? Sandals and saffron robes? Glad you enjoyed the yoga..pass the golden ball grass hopper

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