*shock horror* – Bill is in the kitchen!

So excited was Bill by the prospect of a nice kitchen and spanking new cooker that he actually offered to cook dinner on Sunday!

We went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market to purchase some tasty, healthy, fresh veggies and groceries and then Bill merrily set to work in the kitchen:

I’m shooed out of the kitchen as Bill prepares the veggies and I end up in the front yard shoveling dead leaves into bags while he slaves away inside.

I actually think Bill offered to make lasagne because he isn’t very impressed with my version! Our ideas of homemade lasagne are vastly different. I think of lasagne as being layers of cheddary gooey bechamel sauce, veggies and tomato sauce and lasagne. His version is far less work and consists of spooning copious amounts of Ricotta over lasagna, veggies and tomato sauce, and topping it off with Mozerella. He also cheats and uses ready made pasta sauce instead of whipping up his own…slacker!

The finished lasagne!

Pretty damn good though! Hoorah for Bill!

Keeping the dogs at bay. (note: I’ve had to crop Bill’s hair in this picture because he refused to let me post it otherwise!)

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