Woodlawn Sterling Blue

Up til now I’d been pretty much useless on the help front. Here, I was still pretty pathetic, but I did muster the energy to be able to help Bill by painting the edges. With a nice lick of paint on the ceiling and walls, finally, the kitchen started to look like we were making good progress and we began to feel that we were on the homeward stretch. Kitchen is now a very pretty light bluey grey.

Actually, I was just reminded. Clothes that fit are becoming more of a problem. I actually was hindered in my ability to help Bill because I couldn’t find any clothes to wear that didn’t matter if they got paint on them or not (ended up pulling out an old pair of Bill’s trousers that he doesn’t like). I only have a few wearable outfits at the moment and I seem to be fast growing out of those too! I was also laying in the bath trying to relax just now and I realised that I had assumed that I would grow out of garments at the waist. Other pregnant women I’ve spoken to have stretched out the life of their wardrobe by tying their flys up using elastic bands or some other method of adding a little extra width to the waistband. I can’t even get my trousers over my thighs anymore, let alone anywhere near my waist. Even the drawstring ones that were too big for me to start with because I never quite worked out my US clothing size and bought sizes too large for me get stuck at half mast. This is quite disturbing.

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