Happy Birthday to me

Thank you so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes, they really cheered me up a lot today. It’s bad enough turning thirty without your beloved seemingly forgetting your birthday. I was not a happy Kay this morning, and with good reason.

Bill left for work without so much as a “Happy Birthday” or hug. Not only that, but before he left he gave me his office pass (he wasn’t going to be in the office as he had external meetings all day) and told me that I would have to go into work after all to do some stuff for him. Needless to say I was rather upset. It’s a good job that my parents and friends are in another country because this morning, five weeks off giving birth and feeling very unloved, I had just about had it and would have driven all the way to see them if I could have.

I even had my present from Mum and Dad and a couple of birthday cards on the bedside table next to me for me to open when I woke up, but Bill is Mr Oblivious. Resorting to chocolate comfort, I spent most of the morning in bed scoffing a huge bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs I’d found at Target the night before and cursing Bill’s name.

Mid morning he called to tell me how great his meeting went and of course wasn’t met with much enthusiasm from me. It was only the when I burst into tears that the penny seemed to drop and he realised what a spaz he is.

Mary then arrived soon afterwards to continue with Sam’s room and found me still in my jammies and somewhat out of sorts. I got a nice hug from her and managed to pull myself back together.

I had a few more apologetic calls from Bill throughout the day and finally he arrived home early brandishing a lovely bouquet of flowers for me and many more apologies. He’d also apparently dropped by a baby store between meetings to check out car seats (I’ll cover that a little later) and had bought me a funky nappy bag to try to console me. Couldn’t really stay mad with him for long.

In the nursery Mary had been hard at work painting all day (I’m very glad she did come around today, really appreciated her company) and was just finishing off the mural when Bill got home. That’s now complete and looks amazing. I’m not allowing any more peeps at that though until the trim is painted and we have Sam’s cot and furniture in place, ha ha.

Oh, obviously I didn’t go into the office today. Wasn’t up for that at all. Instead I hung out with Mary, spoke (or more aptly whinged) to Mumsy and Dadsy on the phone and then in the afternoon I managed to dig out the broken webcam and get that just about working so that I could show Mum and Dad bump and the progress on the nursery. Tried hard to avoid showing them my big fat face and double chin but that didn’t really work out!

Waving at Mum and Dad and showing off Mary’s handiwork was fun, although frustrating, because I had to constantly juggle the laptop, typing, and holding the webcam so that it actually produced a picture. You can thus imagine my glee when Fed-Ex appeared at my doorstep with a parcel for me this evening, and my excitement when I opened it and found it contained a nice new webcam courtesy of Mum and Dad! YAY! I think maybe they’re wanting to be able to see their first grandchild live on cam when I message them in the future!! Hehe thanks guys!

And thanks also for the other gift of two tents, *ahem* maternity nightgowns that I also received! I’m wearing one now and it’s huge… but a perfect fit! Fantastic, cheers!

Thanks too to Matt for the Mr Tickle book! That is so cool, I’ve not seen Mr Men books over here and Sam does need Mr Tickle in his life! *grins*

Once Mary headed home Bill took me out to the baby store he’d found this morning and we checked out some car seats.

You see, I had a freak out yesterday and now we have a car I was eager to get the baby seat so that we’re prepared for when Sam comes.

Last night we went to Babies R Us expecting to just purchase the Graco seat we liked and had researched extensively online. This plan suffered a bit of a set back when we asked to trial the floor model in our car and discovered that it didn’t fit. Oh no! It was huge! And, I found it really difficult to release the bassinet from the base and get it out of the car on my own, and that was without it having a baby in it!

We also got really frustrated at Babies R Us because the assistant was useless and gave no help or advice at all in how to install it using either LATCH or seatbelts and just watched us struggle. We didn’t test any others after that but the other Graco models all looked unwieldy too. It was very overwhelming and we went home feeling quite despondent.

So, tonight Bill took me to this independent store he’d found as he’d discovered it had a really good selection of seats and we had another go at finding the right one for us. The shop was much more manageable, and the assistant much nicer and after trying a couple of different options we ended up buying a Britax Roundabout.

It’s not a bassinet seat (one of those seats that has the separate cradle carrier that you snap into a base) as we decided those were too bulky and we reckoned getting the whole carrier in and out of the car and toting it about would drive us mad. Instead we opted for a more expensive fixed seat that will convert to forward facing as Samuel grows and should last us longer too. Apparently it also passes European car seat safety regulations which are more strict than the US ones so got really good safety reviews online and can be legally used in the UK should we be able to fit it into our luggage when we visit in the summer!

That sorted, and with me much relieved, Bill then took me out for a birthday meal at Apres Diem and we made up properly over a tasty entree followed by delicious rich chocolate mousse. Friends again now. 🙂

Finally, I have to wait a bit longer but apparently I can expect a proper birthday present from Bill later. He’s being mysterious and says he’s been having problems getting hold of it, but I will have a pressie from him eventually. Hoorah!

2 Responses to Happy Birthday to me

  1. nollipop March 21, 2006 at 10:05 pm #

    Haapy Burfday To Yoooooooou.

    Been very preoccupied myself!

    Happy Belated Birthday Babe. 🙂


  2. nollipop March 21, 2006 at 10:05 pm #

    Haapy Burfday To Yoooooooou.

    Been very preoccupied myself!

    Happy Belated Birthday Babe. 🙂


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