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Bill and I signed some scary papers this evening and tomorrow we should be the proud owners of our very own Mazda 3 hatchback. Blimey! It’s in Tennessee at the moment (’tis the only blue car in the vicinity, no one wants blue apparently, Americans are smitten with boring silver and grey as the car colour of choice) but should hopefully be at the dealership and waiting for us by the time we finish work. I’m very excited, though feeling just a little sick as signing away huge wads of dough does not come naturally to me at all. I’m more of a squirrel, I like to make cash nests and I hate owing money. Still, I’m sure this anxious feeling will subside once I’m zooming around with Samuel in our sporty little number.

I also had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and am currently celebrating managing not to repeat the shock weight gain from my last step on the scales. I’m back in the doctor’s good books and actually lost a pound this week. I’m back on track and no lecture for me, hoorah! And no, I haven’t been dieting, that would be silly. I just made sure that I used our fab new kitchen and cooker to create healthy nutritious food for baby, Bill and I (with the odd cookie or brownie thrown in, hee hee), and that we had packed lunches every day.

Samuel is now chugging along head down at 145bpm and his knees are protruding from my right hand side. I have absolutely no idea how the doctor can tell his position by prodding my tummy and feeling the various hard lumps, but apparently he’s being a good baby and is in the right place.

So far I’ve still not been experiencing any nasty back pains, heart burn or general shortness of breath (I do get breathless walking) that seems common to the third trimester. I’ve also had some decent night sleeps lately where I’ve passed out soundly and managed to sleep right through without multiple trips to the bathroom. I do hope it stays this way. I was getting some horrid leg cramps but I almost seem to be able to feel those coming now and stretch out just in time to stop the agony twist me into knots.

My doctor also commented that she was pleased to see that I have no stretch marks so far. I was very happy to hear this as I had been wondering how belly was looking…it’s become a little difficult to examine my own tummy properly, and I’m sure Bill would tell me how beautiful my big round tummy looks no matter what! 🙂

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