Did I mention that I love our new car? She’s a dream. We’ve named her Perdie and I’ve been having lots of fun zipping around in her. I’ve gone from hating driving in Atlanta to fighting with Bill as to who is going to drive. It’s amazing how awkward I was driving the automatic, yet give me a gear stick and I’m as happy as can be, even if it is on my right and not my left.

Perdie also has a great 6 disk CD system installed and we’ve come to the arrangement that we get to have three CDs each, though I think I should get four as Bill as tuned all the preset radio stations to his favourites. Ugh, 790 The Zone…*shudders* I now of course need to come up with some CDs to listen to, a difficult feat as my collection is tired and needs revitalisation. I did succumb and buy Can’t Get You out of My Head from ITunes the other day though as driving around to that will make me giggle and remind me of fun times with Nicky. However, a CD of that on repeat could get quite tedious! I need more cheese!

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