Sunday, 19 March 2006 11:01:55

Tis Sunday morning and Bill has just gone into the office again to get some work finished. (Markham…I hate you, and I hate gumballs!) Shame, because I was really hoping we’d do something nice together today, especially because he’s going to be very busy running around in meetings all day tomorrow so won’t see him much then either. He’d have better got me a good pressie, and I expect him to be slaving away in the kitchen baking me a tasty cake this evening!

We did go out for a lovely meal last night when he got home from the office. We were going to go for a curry but then I remembered that Atlanta curries are abysmal and made BIll take me to a Thai restaurant instead. He took me to Top Spice where I had a great time tofu munching and slurping a virgin strawberry daiquiri and pretending it was alcoholic. It was cool, it came in a tall glass with an umbrella, straws, cherries, the works.

I had tried to arrange a social meal out with some folks, but unfortunately everyone was busy this weekend. Bill made me feel special last night though. We dropped by Blockbuster on our way home and picked up some second hand DVDs. When we got home we snuggled up on the sofa to watch Layercake. Every so often I would squeal and jump, usually kicking Bill in the process, as Samuel shifted inside me and tried to get out.

Mary had been planning a baby shower for us next weekend but this has been cancelled as time snuck by and invites have yet to be dispatched. Maybe I can have a fun birthday outing next weekend instead? I want to see some countryside again!

I think the shower has been rescheduled for 23rd April, a week before my due date..eek! Oh rats, I just remembered what I was thinking of doing today…meant to go to BabiesRUs and buy a couple of things from our lists. We are going to have to go ahead and get the car seat and at least the co-sleeper in case Sam arrives early. Don’t want Bill having to run around sorting that kind of stuff out while I’m at the hospital. Car seat is top of my agenda now as without one installed correctly we won’t be allowed to take Sam home! Can’t have that! Now we have a spankingly lovely car I’m very anxious to get the car seat fitted. I have however just let Bill drive off in Perdie so that’ll have to wait for now. I’m still in bed anyway! Very tired.

I’m also going to have to start thinking about pulling a hospital bag together I suppose. Only got about four weeks left until I’m considered full term. Scary, scary. I just can’t imagine how much our life is going to change in such a few short weeks.

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