5 hour labour

I’d spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches on Sam’s mobile and nursery and finally got around to posting pictures on my LiveJournal and getting up to date with entries about the baby shower.

It was now four thirty and Thursday was my yoga night. I was deliberating whether or not to go that evening as I was so close to my due date and

phoned mum

web cam

dad on yahoo!

called Bill

called Bill again

Bill arrived home

called Dr Johnston, “five minutes apart regularly for an hour” decided that despite this advice we should go in, this had all happened so quickly and I’d gone from 20 minutes to 6
I never did get contractions every five minutes for an hour.

Could talk through contractions. Felt disconnected from them. Head was functioning separately from bottom half. Excruciating pain but head was quite calm and disengaged.

yogurt watermelon

clean knickers, changed clothes, clean handkerchief, brushed teeth

waterproof seat

weak, very tired

drive to hospital seemed to be non stop contractions
worried about distracting Bill from driving

at Piedmont got confused by building work, weren’t sure where to go. told Bill to just park, didn’t care.

stumbled through cp having contractions, stopping and grabbing onto Bill or walls

passersby found me a wheelchair, sped our way to l&d

nurses desk, handed forms over, Bill given more to fill in

shortly taken to a room and told to strip off and put on gown

nurse Patricia asked what my birth plan was? natural? epidural? I replied natural and see how it goes. wanted natural birth without intervention but was prepared for the unexpected as long as it meant a healthy baby

iv, hooked up to baby monitor, strap around my waist

7cm dilated “she’s staying”

very thirsty, very sleepy between contractions

ended up flat on back unable to move contractions were so quick, no respite between them. baby monitor around my waist stopped me changing positions

sharp cramping pain in low abdomen would subside to a more bearable grumble, but would never leave

could hear babies heartbeat which was comforting between contractions, but alarming otherwise as it kept going all over the place

kept reaching for bar to hold behind me but there wasn’t one, frustrating, clutched sidebars awkwardly

tried to find something to focus on, but

tried to relax through contractions and not tense up, breathing was hard because pain was so sharp I found it difficult to take long deep breaths as I’d get jolted out of rhythm. breathing from chest not tummy seemed to help, though occasionally hubby had to remind me to breathe at all.

had started moaning on contraction when Bill had come home more as a signal for him that I was having one, then it become more of an aid and device to get through them.

water, very thirsty

wanted a natural birth but really was beginning to wonder if I could stand this pain. I was assuming that for a first birth I would be looking at 11+ hours of labour. I’d only been having contractions for less than 3 hours, was thinking this was going to continue for many more and was quite worried. However Dr Johnston arrived and checked me out…10cm and ready to push! Blimey

bottom of bed removed

Contractions subsided and disappeared. I began to get some relief, though constant pain above each leg didn’t shift.

DJ asked if I felt any urge to push, or pressure in my bottom? no on both counts

Although had been feeling something liquid running from between legs my water had yet to break. Dr Johnston broke the membrane and the amniotic fluid flooded out. Immediately I felt the pressure in my bottom and wanted to push very badly.

Weren’t ready yet. Switched breathing to focusing on my head. focused on hubby and short breaths to distract from desire to push. in my mind i was using sound “ahhh”

push with contractions, problem was i could barely feel them anymore! nothing. could tell when i was having one because of the baby monitor still strapped around me and a stronger desire to push.

“push out of your bottom”

took me a few attempts to get the hang of it

nurse still filling in paperwork between pushes. running over to fill in forms then racing back to hold a leg and to coach for the push. hubs had other leg

ask hubs for water between attempts

baby very low, monitor repositioned to capture heartbeat as he moved down

pushed for an hour

tried to keep face relaxed while pushing, curl up, legs up,

was most helpful when nurse counted to keep the push going

stirrups so didn’t have to hoist legs up every time

could feel baby almost there, ring (not ring of fire)

dj started massaging perineum

liquid lubrication down there felt good, better to push through

hand down to feel head strengthened resolve


nursery staff called in, room filled with people. until then it had been just P, dj and hubs

was pushing felt sharp pain, wanted to know what was happening down there, twisted on bed in reflex to feeling and babies head was out!

another push for the rest of him

baby was born – 22:05 27th April. 5 hours after first contraction

no noise, but it didn’t even occur to me to worry, afterwards hubs admitted that he had been concerned, but I was just so relieved he was born that I didn’t think. suctioned and he cried.

“oh my goodness”

put on my tummy, wax cheese on my hands

felt relieved and disconnected.

delivered placenta – Dr J showed it to us , smooth on one side, raw and bloody on the other

blue sheets, stitched up, seemed to take forever

baby resting on my tummy. advice – don’t be nice and let husband hold baby at this point…baby is best pain relief ever! As soon as hubby took him I became very aware of the doctor’s activity in my nether region. Took baby back, and was distracted again.

Nurse Wendy came in to clean and weigh baby. Was getting quite aggravated with her, she was sooo slow. Had been told to bf baby within an hour of birth. DJ had said to bf then the nurse would see to him, but nurse took him before I could and I had to lie there and watch the clock as she pottered around at a snail’s pace. Really didn’t care if baby was clean or not, wanted him with me. Was feeling upset that she was washing him and messing with his hair and I was stuck in the bed.

Left the camera in the car! Had happened so quickly our priority was to get to the ward, had expected Bill to be able to get stuff later. Was so fast that he never had time to go, no doubt he’d have missed the birth if he had.

Told her that I wanted him skin to skin for first bf. Got even more irritated that when she finally finished she left him dressed and in his plastic tub. Hubby had to undress and hand him to me so I could hug and attempt a bf. Once in my arms I felt better and I managed to nurse him.

Hello Sam. Do you look like a Sam? Hope you’ll grow into your name.

Hubs and I left alone in the room for a couple of hours to recover before moving to different room. Hubs and I still talking. He did a grand job, couldn’t have hoped for a better hubby, or birth partner.

comedy double act. assumed I had epidural. left me sat on loo waiting to pee.

So hungry, everywhere was closed. Nurse brought me only thing she could find…a turkey sandwich. Normally wouldn’t have touched turkey, but was so famished I gobbled it up.

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