April Shower

I had a wonderful afternoon on Sunday. Sam being shy meant that Bill and I did make it to the “Sammy Shower” Mary and her sister-in-law had arranged for us. That night I’d dreamt that I’d gone into labour and we weren’t able to attend. I was so happy and relieved when I woke up to find him still cozy in my tummy.

Susan and her husband were very kind and opened up her gorgeous house in Virginia Highlands for the get together. It was a little bit like being in a home style magazine and every room was a picture, literally, as Mary had been at work painting many of the rooms with all sorts of crazy murals and faux effects. I think Mum would have found the place to be pretty amazing. Bill, slightly embarrassed, even showed me the mural on the landing he had done several years ago.

Outside on the patio the Vaughan’s three dogs hung out by the swimming pool, among them the dognapped Lil’ Kim, now in witness protection and known as Lola.

It was a pretty, perfect place to hold a baby shower, and it was a good job there was plenty of room as I’d no idea so many people would come out to wish Sam well and give him so many lovely things.

When Bill and I arrived he was just beginning to wonder if he’d remembered where he was going when we spotted Hank’s mom on the pavement gingerly carrying in what turned out to be a rather delicious homemade cake with cream cheese frosting and iced with lots of baby motifs.

We were the first to arrive, and slightly early as we’d wanted to make sure of getting a close car parking spot, so had to hang out in a side room while preparations buzzed on around us. When we were allowed to enter the main room we were confronted with a washing line hanging from the ceiling and adorned with a plethora of cute baby gifts from the Leslie’s and Vaughan’s. A lovely surprise and such a sweet idea.

Soon lots of people started arriving and it was so great to see everyone. I was amazed as the corner of the room turned into a giant mountain of presents for Sam, I was quite overwhelmed. I found the concept of a baby shower a little weird, and still feel a little embarrassed by all the presents and attention…baby showers aren’t a common thing in the UK, but it’s such a lovely event to celebrate an impending arrival.

After socialising for a while it was time to attack and unwrap all the thoughtful gifts. Bill and I took it in turns to explore the mysteries within each bag and were delighted to receive so many wonderful things. Sam was truly spoilt.

Among many other lovely items (including a number of books about a rabbit called Sam) we received an enormous squishy monkey from Richard and Rachel. I’m not sure Sam is going to get to play with him as I fell in love with him immediately and I might have to keep him for myself! Hee hee.

Sam got several toys (including a ZEBra) and lots of clothes, blankets, cot sheets and burp pads. I don’t think I could stop grinning all that afternoon.

A couple of gifts were much appreciated, though I’d rather not think about the use of them quite yet!… Rick arrived hauling a “Diaper Champ” nappy bin for the nursery to try to keep the stink of dirty nappies at bay, while another gift parcel of nursery health and grooming essentials contained one of those nasal aspirators with which to suck gunk out of baby’s nose! Yuck!

From Michelle we got a “My Brest Friend” wrap around support pillow for use when breastfeeding. Was really keen to get one of those as I’d heard so much about them and the ladies at the lactation centre really recommended that particular brand over the “Boppy”. Supposed to make feeding the sproglet much more comfortable and encourage a good position for latching on. Hoorah!

Bill was particularly happy to receive a Baby Bjorn sling from his brother and his kids. He’s looking forward to wearing that to carry Sam around the house and sitting at the computer with his son close to him. I think that’s also going to invaluable when we go to visit Mum and Dad in England during the summer.

I had a really great afternoon, for the first time in a few days I wasn’t feeling sore at all and could move around and talk to lots of people. It was great to get dressed up, out of the house and socialise. All the nice gifts were really just icing (but no, that doesn’t mean you can have them back!)

I have no idea how to thank everyone properly, especially Susan and Mary for organising the party and being so lovely.


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