Busy crafty Kay

I also managed to finish the curtain for in front of Sam’s closet this week. This turned out to be harder than expected because of course the sewing machine decided to stop playing nicely and something is going on which makes the bottom mechanism catch the fabric and stop pulling it through the machine. I was determined to finish this before Sam arrives though so I ploughed on regardless. Hence, the pocket stitching isn’t as great as I would normally like, but hey, it’s up and done and I can relax now!

I made a sun pocket in the top corner and the froggy toy Melly sent Sam from Australia now resides over the room from this vantage point. The zebra is a gift from the shower on Sunday and they’ve become great mates.

Each pocket has a felt animal appliqued onto it. In retrospect I should probably have sewn these on nearer the top of each pocket as they are hard to see when the pockets are full. Oh well.

Not a great pic, sorry, but I think the lion is my favourite.

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