Don't let sleeping dogs lie.

Last night I made the first move towards removing the dogs from our bedroom. I shifted their hairy doggy beds and put them in the office. Neither dog was particularly happy about this. Quince expressed his indignation by huffing and stoically ignoring his bed and sleeping on the sofa in the front room instead. While Genghis refused to settle and wandered agitatedly around the house until deciding to jump up onto the bed with me and curl up on my tummy.

As cute and snuggly as Genghis is, tummy wasn’t especially happy about this and the occupant inside then spent the rest of the night proceeding to try to escape his confines by pushing out through my side and ribs with his bum. Wonderful.

At the moment it is very hard, and painful, for me to move or turn over in bed so disengaging a slumbering dog proved to be quite a challenge, especially doing so while trying not to disturb a snoring Bill. When you try to push Genghis away he just has a habit of embedding himself in closer to you and not budging. He is lovely, but such a pest.

Of course, come morning both Quince and Genghis were back up being bed slugs again, strutting across the covers and demanding their breakfast. *sigh* This reacclimatisation could take some time. Though I guess it will be easier when we get around to getting a gate to keep them out of the room, and away from Sam, properly. It’s just so hard to be firm with them.

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