Happy Easter!

Hope the bunny came to your house. I’ve just been naughty and had a delicious moment eating a Cadbury’s Creme Egg while in bed and am now feeling guilty but satisfied. I’m sure that’ll make Sam bounce in a minute.

Bill’s run to the office to do his timesheets and I need to get up so I’ll be ready to go to Camp Leslie when he gets home. Hope I can find something to squeeze into that isn’t going to make me swelter. I don’t have much choice in the way of wardrobe right now, I’m still rapidly growing out of even my largest maternity garments and I was about ready to cut the legs off my dungarees yesterday it was so warm. Though looking out the window it doesn’t seem to be quite so sunny out today so maybe I’ll be okay? Ugh, I feel so hot all the time at the moment. So glad we now have a nice car with air conditioning and a moon roof now though, Perdie will make for a pleasant drive to the country.

I’m a little nervous about venturing so far from the house (and thus the hospital) today, but am looking forward to meeting up with everyone for Easter. I think I may put my hospital bag in Perdie just in case though, don’t want to tempt fate by being unprepared. Despite Mom and Dad’s predictions as to the 16th being the arrival day, I hope Samuel will be a good baby and won’t put in his appearance today…right Sam?

YAY! Hot cross buns for breakfast! Despite flagging several times yesterday I succeeded and am proud to have a very tasty batch all ready to be toasted up and slathered in butter this morning. Hoorah! Hope they taste as good as they look. I was very impressed with the way the mixed peel turned out, all sweet, succulent and gooey, so I think these should be winners. Shame Bill had to race off to work, I was looking forward to sharing a hot cross bun breakfast with him, oh well, I can have one waiting for him when he gets home. 🙂

Here’s wishing everyone a good day with friends and family.

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