Light at the end of the ice box

I actually got home from yoga yesterday to find Bill cursing and stuck in the kitchen, wedged behind the new fridge. He’d somehow managed to manoeuver both fridge-freezers all on his own and was diligently working to reconnect the water line. Very impressive.

Then on Friday after the shower we actually made it home at a normal time from the office and just as we were eating our tea the delivery men came by unannounced to take away the old fridge. Hoorah!

They apologised profusely and wanted to know who I’d spoken to on the phone as they weren’t very impressed with her either. They said they had explained the situation to their office and had been willing to sort it out sooner if this lady had actually done her job and passed on the message.

So, I am now relieved to say that we appear to have a working fridge and that the other one has been removed. Even better, the new fridge came with a manual so we now know how to operate it! Yay! We also discovered an egg box inside the fridge, didn’t get one of those with the old one either.

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