More baby whitterings, sorry – week 38

Just found the above picture on my hard drive, not sure how it was taken as it was when I was showing Mel and Sy around the nursery by webcam the other day and there’s no one else in the room with me to take the photo. Weird.

Anyway, there I am at I think 36-37 weeks pregnant looking like a big beached whale in my nice nightie Mumsy and Dadsy got me for my birthday. Pretty sight huh?! The nightie is now packed up and in my hospital bag ready and waiting for the big day.

It’s been over a week now since Dr Williams’ warning that Sam could be arriving any day, and yesterday marked the point at which I am now considered full term. I’m getting obvious rumblings of readiness, but Sam’s still staying put for the moment, much to Bill’s relief. He’s told me that Sam simply has to stay where he is until at least next Tuesday because he has too many deadlines to deal with at work this week, but next week should be better!

Since seeing Dr Williams I’ve been rather on edge and whereas before I was quite happy to plod along towards my due date, now I’m over analysing the slightest twinge and new aches and pains. Too much information, but every time I run to the loo I’m compulsively checking the bowl for this legendary mucous plug and wondering when Sam is going to make his entrance. I need to relax!

Saw Dr Johnston at the surgery on Monday afternoon and she gave me another internal exam to see how I am progressing. It was rather disappointing to hear that there had been no further dilation since the week before…still 2.5 cm and 50% effaced. Still, I am aware that it really means nothing and some women can reach 5cm many weeks before they actually go on to deliver, while others stay totally closed until the actual day and then labour powers into action full steam ahead.

I’ve been at home putting my feet up for the past week now and I have to say I have actually missed going into the office. Although the days were getting very long, and I was getting very uncomfortable in front of the monitor, I do miss being there. It’s been rather lonely at home on my own, even with dog snuggles. As Bill hasn’t been getting home until 8pm-ish, that’s a long day on my own too. Still, at least I get to lie down and snooze when I need to, and I do feel like I need to quite a lot lately.

The house is looking a lot better, still a disaster, but considerably more under control which is a great relief. A major coup took place this week when Bill set to work transforming the office back into an office from the junk room it had become. There’s still a lot to put away in there, but floor is now visible and copious armies of Pledge had a fight with the layers of dust, and won. Hoorah!

Bill bought himself a sexy new iMac for the home this week. He’s been having to go into the office most weekends to do work and so he decided to upgrade his equipment here so he’ll be able to work from home instead and not miss out on so much Sammy time. When it arrived I insisted the office got tidied before I’d allow him to play with his new toy…miraculously the office started to resemble an office again that evening. Yay! It had got to the point where Bill had a little nest in the corner of the room which he slotted himself into to play Warcraft 3, but no one else could join him because they wouldn’t fit. Not even a Gingernuts. Now, it’s clean, almost tidy, and there will be space for Sam to come and hang out with Daddy when he arrives.

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