Things I hate: fridges and Sears and delivery men.

So, today is the day my Dad picked, and he is currently encouraging me to go outside and play a vigorous game of netball and jump up and down lots. No sign of Sam obliging him yet though, though I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did come today as it’s been a truly horrible one.

Our fridge is still out of order. Last week the repairman came to fit a replacement circuit only for it to blow immediately. He told us our best option was to return the fridge and get a different one. Bill went to the store that evening and arranged for the swap and we’ve been waiting a week for the new new unit to be delivered. In the meantime I’ve been practically babysitting the fridge and resetting it by turning the power on and off whenever it freaks out and starts defrosting. This seems to be every 4-5 hours and is driving me nuts. I can’t trust the temperature in the fridge and it never really seems cold. This is really aggravating me as I’m supposed to be careful about eating and drinking food that can spoil. As a result I really don’t think I have been eating as well as I should be.

Finally the delivery company called and scheduled the replacement fridge to be delivered today and for the old (ha, I say old, we only had it a week!) one to be removed. I was so excited and relieved.

Of course, nothing is simple or easy at the moment and when the delivery men showed up, apparently because the water was still connected, and the stop tap is in the crawl space they weren’t allowed to do anything. They couldn’t possibly go under the house to turn a knob. Of course, I couldn’t exactly go down there to do it, and so they left.

The new fridge is now standing useless in the front room, the old fridge is useless in the kitchen and the house is an obstacle course of furniture that got moved to enable the fridge into the house. (our house is small) The kitchen is tiny and all my food that is supposed to be refrigerated is out over the counter tops and I’m going nutty enough as it is because I’m sure I’m not eating the right stuff for a healthy Sam at the moment because of this crap.

I had enough and ended up in floods of tears and have had to go back to bed. My pelvis is now so sore I can barely straighten up and I was convinced I was going to stress myself into early labour if not careful (sure Dad would’ve been delighted though!). I’m really getting quite upset that the house is such a state and no matter how hard I try I am not making any dent in the chaos. I don’t want to be in labour in the middle of this mess, let alone bring a newborn back to this, but especially today my pelvis is in so much pain where I guess Sam’s head has settled, and my feet are so swollen I can barely stand or walk.

Oh yeah, back to the fridge…I called Bill in a right state and he got worried and came home from work to see if he could sort things out. Meanwhile, I hadn’t realised he was on his way and spotted a builder from next door (oh, it’s just great, the house next door is being demolished and rebuilt at the moment! I’m so glad it’s on the other side of the house from the nursery) and asked if he wouldn’t mind shutting the water off for me. He was lovely and took pity on me. Turned off the water to the fridge, easy peasy.

So, I called the delivery company back, and still fighting back the waterworks tried to see if they could get the delivery men to come back to sort me out. Despite the delivery men saying that they would happily come back in an hour or so if I could get the water turned off, the lady on the other end of the phone wasn’t too helpful and just said probably not, only if they finished their route early. Otherwise I’d just have to go back in the queue for another day. She also didn’t even ask for my name until I pushed her again trying to explain the situation through my tears. I’m very upset by now. I’m not convinced that the guys will even get my message, she didn’t take my phone number or address.

Oh, and to cap it all. Gingernuts escaped on me while all this was going on. When Bill arrived home to calm me down and see if he could sort anything out he ended up scouring the neighbourhood in the truck hunting him down. Thankfully pesky mutt is now home safely.

Bill’s gone back to work again now and will of course probably not get home again til even later than normal now as he has so much to do there. 🙁

Oh, and nice neighbourhood snippet of gossip. I’d also gone next door to see if our neighbour was home and could sort the water out for me. He wasn’t but his wife was, though she wouldn’t be able to go into the crawlspace either as she’s not so nimble herself. She really made me feel at ease when she said that she usually asked this other guy to do stuff like that for her, but he wasn’t around atm…cos he’s in prison! No idea who this person is, and I didn’t dare ask what he’s banged up for!! Eeeps!

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